Coaxing a half-drowned dragonfly off the camera



about 10 years ago

Thanks for saving it Jim. Just an FYI: You can safely handle dragonflies. They look mean, but are actually quite friendly. They can't sting, and they'll pretty much only try to bite if you are holding onto them by the front legs. Even then, only the biggest varieties have a chance to puncture your skin when they bite, and they don't have any venom so it's just a pinch. Otherwise they are pretty docile and robust. Not nearly as delicate as butterflies.

Jim Richardson

about 10 years ago

I was worried it would sew my mouth closed. Also bugs are ishy.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

In case anyone is interested in identifying which of the 149 known species of dragonfly or damselfly in Minnesota the particular one in this video is, it just so happens there is a Dragonfly Workshop at Hartley Nature Center on July 12. 

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