Example of handicap issues in Duluth



about 10 years ago

How long has this been out of order? Things do break occasionally, so I guess I wouldn't get too concerned if it is being addressed in a timely manner. Also - the "h" word is no longer used by the disability community. "Accessibility issues" would be the preferred terminology. The "h" word is offensive to many with disabilities and there is a movement to discourage its use completely. Of course, this is difficult as it still appears on parking signs and continues to be used in the common vernacular without hardly any awareness that it is offensive.

An additional FYI - the City recently had an independent organization audit all City facilities for accessibility and a comprehensive report was created detailing all aspects of every facility that are not up to current ADA or accessibility standards. The City Council was presented with this report and action has already been taken to begin to fix many of the issues. However at this time there is no comprehensive plan detailing how and when the remaining issues will be remedied. The whole report is supposed to be available on the City's website for public viewing. Once I figure out where exactly to find it, I will post the link.


about 10 years ago

Additional FYI - the City of Duluth has the Commission on Disabilities which meets the first Wednesday of the month. Stop by and check it out on 7/2, 3:00 pm on the 3rd floor of City Hall. The commission's Mission "...promotes and fosters universal accessibility through public education, community outreach, and advocacy to improve the quality for all person".

Howard Lacy

about 5 years ago

I've been getting parking tickets because I am disabled and cannot move my car every 24 hours. Duluth is refusing to give me the handicap signs I require to safely get to my vehicles on the street. Duluth has weekly alternate-side street parking that takes away your handicap parking. They think this is legal.

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