Duluth News Tribune online classifieds frequently down

The Trib revamped its website several months back. For some reason since then if you go to the classifieds and click on a category such as “Garage Sales-Lakeside/Lester Park” it just goes to a page with all the stuff around the edges, but the actual classifieds are missing.

I keep e-mailing them, they blame it on some cache issue or say it was down earlier, but they can never seem to permanently fix the problem. Is this some sort of jquery issue?



about 10 years ago

I'm seeing the same thing you are (header, but no listings). Win 7 - IE 11, IE 10, Chrome 35. Deleting my temp files & cookies does nothing.
It looks like they're having larger issues, the general classifieds page is not loading any of the categories.
So it's back to you DNT. Two techies have looked at it, and it's still not working.


about 10 years ago

As I explained to Matt in a reply to his e-mail to me this morning, there is a company-wide problem with classified ads today. Tech support is aware of it and is working on it; I haven't heard an update but I assume that the general classified page going down is a sign that they're essentially rebooting the system.

Whatever the issue is today, it's a problem specific to today. In the past we've been contacted about classifieds not working, have checked them out on multiple computers and browsers, and haven't found anything amiss.

So our apologies for any inconvenience with the classifieds today; we hope the tech crew has them back online ASAP. In the meantime, from the print edition, here's a listing of addresses for all advertised garage sales in Lakeside-Lester Park this weekend, with a select item offered at each one (looks like a good weekend for records):

4801 Oakley, 9-4 F/Sat, hand-knit items

4509 Gladstone, 8-3 F/Sat, first edition (Laura Ingalls?) Wilder children's books

5024 Tioga, 9-3 F / 9-2 Sat, telescope

4810 Peabody, 9-3 F / 9-1 Sat, hundreds of records

5402 Glenwood, 8-5 F / 8-2 Sat, LPs and 45s

4702 Colorado, 7-2 F / 8-1 Sat, air hockey table

Andrew Krueger
Duluth News Tribune
[email protected]

Matt Hill

about 10 years ago

Sorry that I was a bit peeved, but since I lost my job, going to garage sales has been more of my source of income rather than just a hobby. They were listed last night, and then this morning, gone. I do get the paper delivered, but just on Saturday and Sunday.

As the above picture shows, I tend to get that 3-4 times month. Something funny I also noticed is that even classified that were posted for multiple days, always say something like "posted 4 hours ago."

I did find a few sales on Craigslist and found a couple when I was driving around.

[email protected]

about 10 years ago

I'm not really sure about the force of this posting -- hoping to force some result from the DNT that was not achieved in personal correspondence?  I could use some help with this...

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