Duluth Mystery Photo #7: Mr. Green

Is Green the photographer’s name or the dude in the photo? Who is this dapper West Ender?



about 10 years ago

Looks like he has some kind of badge.


about 10 years ago

Minnesota Historical Society lists a photographer Frank E. Green with several locations in Duluth from 1880 to 1910.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

So it seems F. E. Green is the photographer. According to the Minnesota Historical Society info referenced above, Green worked in two Duluth studios -- Thiel's and Cormany's -- before he bought Stigleman's gallery at 1528 W. Michigan St. in 1888. 

He moved around  town a bunch, but had two other West End studios -- 7 Garfield Ave. around 1889 to 1890, and 1627 W. Superior St. around 1894-1895.

Now how do we figure out who the handsome fellow, perhaps wearing a badge, could be?


about 10 years ago

No doubt this gentleman belonged to some fraternal organization.  Maybe he was an Owl?


about 10 years ago

That badge looks more like a law enforcement badge than a fraternal pin.  Could he be a sheriff or police chief from the era?


about 10 years ago

What's the thing hanging off the ribbon-type apparatus in front?  It's too small to be a watch, isn't it?


about 10 years ago

Look up images of antique fraternal organization fobs and pins, and I think you'll recognize that's what you've got there. What kind of organization? West Enders favored Odd Fellows... Owls ... Woodsmen... probably others. You'd have to look to see what was around then.


about 10 years ago

His coat is vaguely nautical. Could he have been a harbormaster or some such? Lighthouse keeper?

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