Someone wrote a headline like this once and it was shared on Facebook. Then something amazing happened …

Do you miss the days on Facebook when all the clickbait headlines your friends shared were numbered lists?

“Five Photos that Will Make You Happy to be Alive.”

“Fifteen Reasons Bicycling is Dangerous and Will Kill You.”

“Eight Dog Breeds to Avoid.”

Those all seem to have all faded away in favor of …

“A Cook at an Upscale Restaurant Just Uploaded These Photos. At First, I Was Horrified … then Hungry.”

“This Kid Kissed the Traditional Education System Goodbye and Never Looked Back. Now She’s a Billionaire.”

“NASA Has Captured Incredible Photos of Saturn, and Trust Me, They Will Change The Way You Eat Breakfast Forever.”

You have to wonder how shameless the headlines can get and still end up shared and clicked. And you also have to ask yourself, “If I share this Perfect Duluth Day post on Facebook am I sending a subtle message to friends who annoy me, or am I falling for an even more advanced form of clickbait?”



about 11 years ago

This is the new Rick Roll, and I totally fell for it.

K. Praslowicz

about 11 years ago

I linked to one of my galleries on Facebook a few weeks ago using the gallery title and the comment of "Hey. Check out this new gallery."

25 visits over the next day.

Tried the same link again recently with a shitty clickbait headline.

900 visits in the next 24 hours

I hate that that worked.

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