Mayor Ness named Person of the Year by Twin Cities Business magazine

Twin Cities Business magazine has named Duluth Mayor Don Ness the 2013 Person of the Year. Editor-in-Chief Dale Kurschner wrote in a statement that Ness “stood out for outstanding leadership that has strengthened our state’s economy, business opportunities and culture.”

2013 Person Of The Year: Duluth Mayor Don Ness

This is the first year Twin Cities Business has designated a Person of the Year.



about 9 years ago

Would it be unprofessional of them to add "sexiest" to the award?  I love me a working man in khakis who switches effortlessly between bluegrass and drone. Reow!

Don, will you build me a light rail between here and the cities for my birthday?

Special K

about 9 years ago

That idea to fill in the Irvin's slip and get rid of that dumb bridge cemented him as mayor for life for me.  Lemme know when that project gets going, I'll bring a shovel.

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