Duluth will study ATV trail

I’m curious to see what the study consists of and who will conduct it. I’m sure the public will have an opportunity to provide input and review the study. Regardless of whether an ATV trail is eventually approved, enforcement is an ongoing issue on our city trails (and not just regarding snowmobiles and ATVs).

Duluth News Tribune: Duluth City Council directs staff to study feasibility of ATV trail

Previous PDD post: Should ATVs be allowed on trails within Duluth city limits?


Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

It's pretty clear now that the DWP Trail in western Duluth will be the first option for an ATV trail. I wonder if the condition of Ass Bridge will hinder the plan.


about 11 years ago

Just when I swore I'd never post again you guys sucker me in.  First, I'd like to applaud you for returning to your journalistic routes of reporting on nonsensical dangerous shit in the area. And... this is true, nothing makes me swell with freedom and pride more than the way the City of Duluth handles the recreational usages of its local derelict infrastructures with reckless abandon, but New York is the king.  In my town, the cops hunted you down. 

Second, of course they're looking at the DWP, it's almost two and a half miles long, and at a 91 percent illiteracy rate, the rednecks in charge of this bill think DWP stands for the Da Women Place. You know what a proud redneck does? He moves to the fucking country.


about 11 years ago

As an ATV owner/user who lives in the City, I would be interested to know:

How many Duluth citizens have registered all-terrain or off-highway vehicles?
How many ATV/OHVs are registered in Duluth?
How many ATV/OHVs are registered in St. Louis County?

Maybe Paul would want to take on the task of gathering information from the DNR for a more informed discussion?  Or, perhaps I could wait for the feasibility study to be released.

I think knowing the actual percentage of owners/registered vehicles would provide me with a better framework to decide whether or not I think the city should have designated ATV/OHV trails.

As a former resident of Douglas County, I know the Tri-County Recreational Corridor provides an integral link to smaller communities and keeps a large percentage of riders off the roadways.


about 11 years ago

Please don't.


about 11 years ago

Wow.  Some good input here and on the other post.  

I have to say that I am not only a local user of Duluth trails, but also an advocate for off road cycling trails as well.  I I have been on both sides of this type of issue in the idea of mountain bikes and both sides have extremely valid points.  

In fact the discussion on PDD just makes me like PDD it even more as it shows some pretty open mindedness.

The only real comment I wanted to make on the issue (at this juncture) is that I was extremely surprised at the lack of attendance at the City Council meeting when this resolution came up.  

There was not one single user group other than the MTB folks and the ATV folks.  No DXC, no SHT, no horse folks....nobody.  That to me was pretty shocking, especially after sitting through things like the Western Trails meetings, the Hartley master plan etc etc, where TONS of folks showed up to dispute even the most tiny change to their parks and trails. Meanwhile this is an extremely radical departure from the current scenario of motorized use in the city.

Lastly I think folks should look back on the recent history of trails in the city.  About 3-4 years ago the city invested in and the user groups of the city invested in a very detailed and sophisticated trails master plan.  That master plan clearly defines the DWP as a through route for the Duluth Traverse and Equestrian use.  I believe that plan is accessible via the City web site.

Something to chew on ... oh yeah, the plan also put a cost estimate on safely fixing the tunnel so that folks could use it. Four years ago that was $1 million.

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