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Into the Dad Zone: An Epic Skate in the BWCA

Like a lot of folks who love the outdoors I try as hard as possible to get my kid to love being outside as well. To create that connection is like walking the razor’s edge. You push too much and they hate it. You push too little and they get consumed by electronics, friends and all the other noise going on in their young lives.

I would say my actions fall on pushing the outdoors too much. I personally have come to the conclusion that I have one life to live and I am sure as hell going to live it as much as I can.

There is no question, I am happiest outside having an adventure. That has been one consistent theme in my life since I was a kid. That theme is a core part of my being and one aspect of my life I want to give to my child, it’s my legacy … and well, it’s all the legacy I have to give!

So when free time presents itself, outside is where I will be. If my wife is working and I have the kid for that time period, then we are going outside. It’s just a matter of how and where. Usually those two answers are dictated by weather, season and what the conditions will allow us to do. There is always something special to any time and season, if we are aware enough to recognize it.

“Candyland” at Spirit Mountain MTB Park

Great video on Candyland Spirit Mountains new MTB Trail.

Awesome second annual Bike to Work Day with Mayor Ness

Great event, fun ride and good job to Healthy Duluth for making it happen!

It was great to see former Congressman Oberstar, Mayor Ness and a whole pack of cyclists rolling down to Valentini’s!

Duluth Beer Snob Blog

I was looking for some beta on the New Canal Park Brewery when I ran across this Duluth Beer Snob Blog.  So it made me wonder, have we reached the point of Beer stardom where we now have the pinnacle of beer snobbery in town?  Seems to know his stuff and he sure gets around the beer joints.

Duluth mountain bike trails featured in Salsa Cycles ads

Photo by Gnat

Duluth blog makes Outside magazine

Thought PDD would like this.

Outside: “The Top 10 Snow Sports Blogs

Outdoor Gear Barn Sale May 7

After nearly a decade of working as a sales rep for outdoor gear companies such as Patagonia, Wenonah Canoe, I am having a barn blow out sale on Saturday, May 7. If you need cheap outdoor gear for paddling, skiing (tele and Nordic) and lots of outdoor clothing (used and new) come to our barn and buy it!

When: Saturday, May 7, 9am until its gone (3ish?)
Where: 54 Dalles Ave, Thomson MN 55718
What: Gear for dirtbags at prices to match.
Who: Folks who like to go outside (no matter the weather).

Downtown Duluth Office Space


I am looking to relocate my small office to another spot downtown.  Somewhere in the area of Lake Avenue a few blocks east or west would be great.  Any good ideas?  I’m not super picky, but want some good light and clean, etc.  Currently spending about $200 a month so I am also hoping to stay in that range.