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Duluth National Bank, now the West End branch of U.S. Bank, was the subject of a “Where in Duluth?” post a month ago, focusing on its burglar alarm. Note that today’s burglar alarm is apparently not the original. It’s rounded at the top, while the one above is flat at the top.

The photo above appears to be circa 1922, which is when the building was built. The bank was founded in 1910, but was located across the avenue from this location.

Another random Duluth National Bank fact: It was the first bank in Duluth to have drive-through service, which opened in 1959.

The bank was purchased by First Bank Stock Corp. in the 1950s and later changed its name to First Bank West End. U.S. Bank burst onto the scene in the late 1990s.

Oh, and of course it should be mentioned that the president of Duluth National Bank was killed by a “crazed invalid” a month before the modern building opened.

Dr. William Eklund became the next president of Duluth National Bank.

Melin & Landin Furniture was next to Duluth National Bank.

The West End edition of The Duluth Sunday News Tribune gave plenty of ink to the bank opening.

Note that in the paper’s photo of the bank there is no burglar alarm.

And how about those awesome doors?



about 12 years ago

I like reading the different history posts you put up. I am working on making a video on Duluth's West End.  I've interviewed about 20 people so far and have several recorded on video to be part of the film.  Other portions of the film I will string together historic photos - especially of places that don't exist anymore - and put in some new footage, too. 

The project is through the Neighborhood Housing Services (they will get the video when it's done) and is from a grant I wrote to the MN Historical Society.  Due date is late March.  Plenty more to dig into and learn.  

I made one on Lakeside Lester Park several years ago.  When I looked at the library file on Lincoln Park/West End it was all about blight, devastation, crime but I thought there'd be much more of a story in its earlier days.

Tony D.

about 12 years ago

Wendy: Sounds like a great project. While working on Lost Duluth I have been gathering a lot of info and photos of Duluth, including the West End. I may have some resources for you. 

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