Where in Duluth?

Time once again to play Perfect Duluth Day’s marvelous photo quiz game, “Where in Duluth?” Where is this burglar alarm?



about 13 years ago

US Bank, West End branch.

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

Dave wins! Yes, it's the West End Branch of U.S. Bank at 2000 W. Superior St.

The burglar alarm is on the east side of the building, seen in this photo just left of the red portion of the U.S. Bank sign. Good eye, Dave.

Steve W

about 13 years ago

I've always loved that. Why can't we go back to the day when thugs were "burglars"? Such gentile times they must have been.


about 13 years ago

A thug is a thug, but you have to burgle to be a burglar.

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