T-Mobile Cell Coverage in Duluth

My wife and I are long-time Verizon wireless subscribers. In my experience, their coverage is second to none, no matter how far off the beaten path I’ve gotten. Unfortunately their customer services are starting to fade.  

It used to be that after two years (contract period) they’d offer discounted prices and a $100 credit toward a new phone. Then, a few years back, it was lowered to a $50 credit. Today, when I looked at a replacement phone for her cracked one, there is no credit, plus they now charge $30 on top of the phone price ($100 to $300) as an “upgrade fee.” All the while collecting the $140 per month for service while “locking” us in for an additional two years.

Well, I’m getting woozy from this roller coaster and want off. From my research, T-Mobile has the market cornered in both service price for two smart phones as well as remaining contract-free. My worry is whether those savings and lack of seat belts will come with sketchy coverage? Any PDD people with T-Mobile?


Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

Here is a link to where this subject came up three months ago on PDD.

T-Mobile Coverage


about 10 years ago

I'm in the process of switching to Ting after my AT&T coverage at home went from so-so to nonexistent.  I'm impressed so far, but I use very minimal data, so there might be data coverage issues I haven't hit upon yet.


about 10 years ago

My lady friend and I went with Virgin Mobile (no contract and cheap data plans). It runs on the sprint network but we both have definitely missed about one call per month and the coverage out of town and away from the freeway is spotty.

The Prize Is Lobster

about 10 years ago

I live in Minneapolis but every time I am in/around Duluth, my coverage is pretty poor. I spent a week around Grand Lake this summer and I was in a total dead zone. If you're right in Duluth proper all of the time, it isn't bad. 

I am not sure I would keep them if I moved to that area.


about 10 years ago

AT&T has better coverage in general around here than Verizon, having taken over Cellular One which was always the coverage king around here. I've seen this first hand in rural areas outside Duluth as well as inside buildings in Duluth. T-Mobile's coverage map shows that they cover almost exactly the same areas as AT&T, though I've never known anyone who has tested this.

Have you considered StraightTalk? They have bring-your-own-phone plans and they have both T-Mobile and AT&T sim cards. They recently got AT&T sims back after not having them for a while, I believe due to talks with AT&T about why so many customers were leaving AT&T to go to StraightTalk. I know it's Walmart, but you get the same service and network (aka coverage) for less money and no contract. My wife and I both switched to StraightTalk (AT&T sims) a few months ago after many years with AT&T. We're both on the $45/mo unlimited everything plan (comes to 50 and change after tax, etc). They have smaller plans too. It's month-to-month, but we have ours set to auto refill so it's maintenance free.

Cory Fechner

about 10 years ago

I've had T-Mobile for, well many years, since the days it was VoiceStream.

Besides the fact you cannot get a Duluth number (I have 612 number) T-Mobile has great service in and around the Arrowhead region. They use AT&T towers when roaming so in most cases you are covered.  $50 bucks a month, truly unlimited data (no throttling) and calling, no roaming fees and upgrade whenever you want (no contracts) - I've been happy with it. 

FYI, 4G LTE is wicked fast. No need for at home internet. Just WiFi tether your phone!

Coverage area: http://tinyw.in/jfE9



about 10 years ago

How does one go about getting a T-Mobile phone when they don't officially have a market in Duluth? Does one sign up online and use the address of a friend or relative in the cities?

Do you just use your Duluth address? 

If it becomes a trend, and a large enough number of people have T-Mobile in Duluth at some point AT&T will take notice and possibly limit the amount of roaming by T-Mobile customers.

Cory Fechner

about 10 years ago

Sign up online and use your Duluth address.

The Prize Is Lobster

about 10 years ago

They don't charge you for the roaming and such? I always got paranoid I'd get hit with extra charges so I shut off roaming. I have noticed the AT&T coverage is decent though. If thats the case, I'll have to try it out next time Im up there.

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