August 2013 Posts

City’s 58th Street Diner in South Superior

City’s 58th Street Diner is bringing the 1950s back to South Superior. With its classic malt-shop feel and reasonable prices, it’s like taking a step back in time.

Rooms for Northshore Inline Marathon Weekend

There are still about a dozen hotel rooms available on Canal Park for the weekend of the NorthShore Inline Marathon, Sept. 13-14, so call soon.

Inn on Lake Superior
Comfort Suites
Canal Park Lodge
Suites Hotel

Still plenty of time to register for all the events.

The new lower-level of the Duluth Flame Nightclub is now open

What happens on the white couch, stains on the white couch.

Electrician Recommendation?

At the risk of incurring Herzog’s ire regarding boring posts (as recently and memorably recorded in ‘The Current’ recent posting), can anyone recommend a good electrician, or steer me away from a bad one?

P.S. Herzog, I will try harder next time to not be boring, I promise. I just don’t want my house to burn down with faulty wiring, etc.

Women’s Rugby in Duluth

Are you familiar with rugby? Would you like to learn about this up-and-coming sport? Two former ruggers are interested in bringing women’s rugby to the Duluth area. Rugby is a great way to stay active and have fun at the same time. No experience is needed to start playing. Contact us for more information: duluthwomensrugby @

Why doesn’t Duluth have a repeater of the Current?

Why doesn’t Duluth have a repeater of the Current? What would it take to get one?

Call for Art: Nightmare Nasty

Washington Gallery is searching for grotesque, eerie, disturbing, weird, nasty, and uncomfortable pieces of visual art and poetry. The exhibit “Nightmare Nasty” will be opening Oct. 26. Gore, guts and everything in between are wanted.

Twins Bar re-opening?

I have heard rumors but cannot confirm. Does anyone have any info?

Poll: Best New Restaurant in Duluth

A previous poll on PDD narrowed the choices from a baker’s dozen down to the three best new restaurants in the Duluth area — Pak’s Green Corner, 7 West Tap House and Tycoons Alehouse. Now it’s time to determine the champion, so we ask …

What is the best new restaurant in the Duluth area?

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This poll is now closed. The results were …

Pak’s Green Corner – 51.9 percent
Tycoons Alehouse and Eatery – 32.5 percent
7 West Tap House – 15.6 percent

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Review of Sasquatch Scramble 5K

Through events too complicated to explain here, I needed to run a 5K by the end of the month to get a break on my health insurance. The only one that fit into my schedule involved being chased by Big Foot through an obstacle course.

T-Mobile Cell Coverage in Duluth

My wife and I are long-time Verizon wireless subscribers. In my experience, their coverage is second to none, no matter how far off the beaten path I’ve gotten. Unfortunately their customer services are starting to fade.  

It used to be that after two years (contract period) they’d offer discounted prices and a $100 credit toward a new phone. Then, a few years back, it was lowered to a $50 credit. Today, when I looked at a replacement phone for her cracked one, there is no credit, plus they now charge $30 on top of the phone price ($100 to $300) as an “upgrade fee.” All the while collecting the $140 per month for service while “locking” us in for an additional two years.

Well, I’m getting woozy from this roller coaster and want off. From my research, T-Mobile has the market cornered in both service price for two smart phones as well as remaining contract-free. My worry is whether those savings and lack of seat belts will come with sketchy coverage? Any PDD people with T-Mobile?

Literacy Volunteers Wanted

Do you enjoy reading with children? Can you commit to one hour per week for three months? If you said yes, please consider becoming a Volunteer Literacy Tutor with the Minnesota Reading Corps and spend time one on one building literacy skills of children in grades K-3. Positions are available at Lowell and Piedmont schools. To learn more, e-mail jaime.jost @ On Twitter: @Duluthreading. We regularly hold literacy events, so if you’d love to volunteer but cannot commit to the time period, consider volunteering for one of our events!

East Superior Street

Could anyone tell me how the neighborhood is on East Superior Street near the Rose Garden?

Skyline Art Gallery features local artists; showcases Duluth history

This weekend I visited the Skyline Art Gallery for its grand opening. This location, right near the crest of Thompson Hill is an area that I recognize as the spot where I feel like I am “home” and the awe-inspiring views of the great inland sea and the cities of Duluth and Superior open up before your eyes when approaching on I-35 from the south. I’m sure that many others have a similar sentiment, the owners of this gallery could be included in that group.

Video Archive: Flipping the bird across Duluth, from east to west, decade to decade

The video above, by Mark Ryan, is a collection of film footage from 1970 of dudes hanging out at the old London Inn and other places in eastern Duluth, flipping off the camera. It first appeared on PDD in 2008.

I brought it back for this post because I just came across some footage I shot in the halls of Denfeld on Oct. 17, 1988, that I hope is of similar quality.