A Night of Awesome in Duluth

Monday was awesome.

After a full day at work, I met a colleague at Barnes and Noble to discuss further work together. They have re-opened and the staff worked admirably to make customers like me, comfy. (My doctor tells me that the frappucino is a thing of the past — my cholesterol is too high.) There are still patches of dampness in the carpet, but I want to reiterate: I know that B&N pays all of its employees less than they deserve; I also know that they worked hard to restore the shop to awesomeness. Kudos to all of them.

Then, off to Oriental House II to eat spring rolls, because the days of fried egg rolls are also behind me.  Tasty food, tasty company.

Then, off to Rogue Robot to play Munchkin.  Four new players, all trying something new.  A. came out ahead, but D. and M. and B. (whom I called Brian, in honor of Van Hoose) put up a fight.

Finally, on the way home, a visit to Pineapple Arts, where the Crunchy Bunch were rocking out after a poetry reading (open mic) organized by Faith King and Kathleen Roberts. Roughly two-dozen poets read, including Ed Newman and Bob Monahan from Chaperone Records.  And there were copies of a Bayfield literary magazine available, too — another bit of regional awesome, joining Prøof in the “literary awesome” category. Both Faith and Kathleen have won awards and grants to support their work as writers;  we are lucky that they have turned their eyes toward developing other authors.



about 11 years ago

Hoody-hoo! :D


about 11 years ago

What happened to Barnes and Noble?


about 11 years ago

I heard that it flooded from a water leak or water backup.

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