March 2013 Posts

The Duluth Local Show on Local Current

I’m happy to say that I’ve been given the chance to share some Duluth music with a much wider audience than can hear my current radio program on KUWS. (And by “Duluth music” I mean everything from the Iron Range to the South Shore.)

The show will air on the Local Current stream on Wednesdays (starting tomorrow, March 27) at noon and will be rebroadcast on Thursdays at 11 p.m. and Saturdays at 6 p.m.

In order to put on the best local show I can – I’m gonna need your music if you’re in a band. We’ve got some 180+ acts playing Homegrown this year alone and I can tell you that I don’t have recordings from more than half of them. This is a call to bands from the region to send me your CDs/vinyls and/or high-quality digital downloads for me to potentially play on the Duluth Local Show.

Recent comments feature klunky right now

You may have noticed the little section on the left column that highlights which posts have new comments you haven’t read has been malfunctioning. We know this, and we are working on it. (And when I say “working on it,” I mean going skiing and thinking about it occasionally.)

The problem started over the weekend, when a new plugin was installed to speed up the time it takes to load the homepage. Fix one thing, another one breaks. That’s how it goes.

Marc Gartman’s Fever Dream to release first video on March 28 … stay tuned.

Hear samples and “like” Marc Gartman’s Fever Dream on Facebook.

New Two Beat Band record

My part-time Duluth group, Two Beat Band, has a new EP out today. Stream the whole thing online, or download the tunes and album art for $5. Also, we’ll be playing the Saturday of Homegrown at Pizza Luce before Southwire and Cars & Trucks. I hope you like it. –Jordan Taylor

Is the Duluth News Tribune taking potshots at special education?

The DNT has run two recent articles on special education in our public schools. Both articles seem to be to be blaming the current overcrowding and school budget crisis on special education costs.

Special education costs squeeze all classrooms
State rule forces Duluth district to pay costs for special education students in other districts

Now, I am not unbiased here, I am the father of an autistic boy in the Duluth public school system. I am also a home owner and I pay taxes in Duluth. Does educating special needs children cost more? I am sure it does, but by helping special needs children become educated, we are increasing the chances that they can become productive members of our society. Like all forms of public education, it is an investment! My son does not have an aid to help him through the day, nor does he receive any “Cadillac benefits,” he also does not participate in several school programs: He doesn’t participate in art, music, or gym. He does not play any organized sports. If the Duluth school system could become more competitive in offering services needed by special needs students, it would not have to send funds to other districts that can.

It’s articles like these that show why we need federal mandates to provide for our special needs children.

KUMD’s the Basement on mtvU

KUMD’s student-run programming, the Basement, will be featured on mtvU’s College Radio Countdown beginning tomorrow. We’ll celebrate our national television debut with a premiere party on Tuesday, March 26 at 7:30-9:00 pm in the UMD Lake Superior Hall Lobby.

KUMD students produced a fun one-minute video to introduce the mtvU audience to KUMD and Duluth; it starts with a broadcast from a local ice fishing house. The video will introduce our ten video picks of songs that represent the sound of the Basement, including two Minnesota artists, Trampled by Turtles and Polica.

In addition, KUMD’s Music Directors picked five local videos to be featured on mtvU’s tumblr; our first pick, Brian Barber’s brilliant video for the Black-eyed Snakes’ “Rise Up,” has already been posted and more will follow each day this week.

In the Duluth area mtvU is available on digital cable channel 327 and the show will also be available online at

This week: eggs, glass and podcasting


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

First of all, if you haven’t checked out our new video links on the calendar, do. It’s a nice upgrade to the calendar.

As part of the One Book, One Community program, there’s a glass art demonstration at Lake Superior Art Glass today.

Nerd Nite XXII has presentations on the NASA Gemini program, podcasting, and Daylight Savings Time at the Play Ground on Tuesday. (Speaking of which, I need to start working in earnest on my presentation.)

There’s a Waldorf Education discussion group at Amazing Grace on Wednesday, the first of a series, sponsored by the Spirit of the Lake Community School.

If you are a web professional there’s a meet up of area web pros at Co.Lab on Thursday.

Friday is Good Friday and there is a “walk for justice” based on the stations of the cross starting at the County Courthouse.

On Saturday there’s an Easter Eggstravaganza at the zoo and an Easter Egg Hunt at Pilgrim Church.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know

Eight places to enroll in the nationwide cancer prevention study

First Covenant Church
St. Michael’s Catholic Church
US Bank Building
Superior Public Library
Peace in Christ Church
Asbury United Methodist Church
First United Methodist Church
Mariner Mall

There is one week left to enroll in the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention Study-3. For dates and details visit

Perfect Duluth Sound

The “Lake Superior ice sheets breaking at Brighton Beach” post reminded me how much I want some clean recordings of the amazing things the lake does with its ice.  Does anyone in our PDD community have some field recording gear (418, 702 or the like)?  And would this person be willing to head out on a sound hunt for these phenomena?  We could barter some of my recordings or work something out.  That crazy ice stuff just doesn’t happen in Seattle.  I was back in Duluth in December with gear, but the conditions weren’t right.  Here’s hoping…

Calendar Videos

The mad scientists in the Perfect Duluth Day Calendar Labs are continually applying their impressive craniums to just one question, “How can we make our calendar that much cooler?”

Well, pop up videos, that’s how! Starting now, if there’s a video linked to the event, just click on the “Watch Video” link and it will pop up in your browser window. Movie trailers, music videos, game tutorials and more are just a click away! Then you can click away the video and keep browsing events.

Land of the Dead

On Thursday, Kate and I went to see Wm Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead (by Renegade Theatre) at Teatro Zuccone.

Merch Madness

Kate and I walked downtown for Merch Madness and we found some friendly shopkeepers, some great deals, and some yummy food.

Soy Bomb!

This has been up on YouTube for a while, but I don’t think it ever made it to PDD. The Grammy speech referencing Duluth is included.

Running group for moms

Hello fellow Duluth/Superior mamas out there. Now that it’s “spring,” it’s the time we all start to think about getting outside and running again, or to start running. We’re starting our season off with a kickoff breakfast at the Miller Hill Perkins on Saturday, March 23, at 9 a.m. The hope is to offer people a chance to get to know each other a little prior to going running together to ease some of the pressure to going to something new.

The Facebook group link is listed below and we will be getting group runs set up for everyone to get together. We’re hoping to get several options of days/times for everyone since we know there’s never a consistent “good time” to do things as a mom! The group is for anyone who is interested in running, starting to run, training for a race … anyone!

This is not a coached group, but rather a social running club so moms can spend time with other moms to commiserate about the trials, tribulations and joys of being a mom while trying to stay fit.

Duluth, MN MRTT on Facebook
Moms Run this Town website

Name this song …

Can anyone name this artist or song? A friend of mine has had it for about 15 years and has never been able to find out what it is titled or who it is sung by. Zune, Shazam, and Soundhound have not been helpful. Perhaps this august group will be…

Unknown by Unknown on