Did i just feel a fish nibble?
It may be illegal in some places (most) and a little unsightly for some. Thats just why we love doing it

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I am starting to get a complex.
I am getting dangerously close to a Perfect Duluth Day.

1. I worked at Bullseye.
2. I had a Happy Hour beer at RT Quinlan's.
3. I finally hauled the stage risers I borrowed for the Homegrown Music Festival back to the Tap Room.
4. I went for a very quick swim. The water was amazingly cold.
5. I am currently taking a break from scraping wallpaper off of my kitchen walls.
6. I am listening to Loretta Lynn while performing #5.
6. Hoping to go see Brian Joens at the Brewhouse.

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a joke

Q: What is brown and sticky?

A: A stick.

Joke by LumpyG.

My mother gets here in a week and my brother and sister-in-law and nephew.

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Pics as promised.
Here are 8 of my pictures from the Low/Radiohead tour. I only have two pictures of actual Radiohead members but I think I would get in trouble if I posted them. Enjoy.

1. A window in Florence.
2. Chris, the Low sound guy and a very funny man.
3. Hollis standing by a Radiohead box. I really dig road boxes and I would love to have my casket made out of one.
4. Zak in his favorite T-shirt.
5. A bike that grabbed my eye.
6. Another bike that grabbed my eye. I took many photos of bikes.
7. A sunset with Hollis. This was in Florence and the view kicked ass.
8. A low family picture. This was in Ferrara and our hotel was next to a castle.

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Water Report
I had my longest Brighton Beach swim this year. Lundgren, LumpyG and I took a dip in Gitchee Gumee on a tip from another local swim fan and water temp watcher. Mr. Lumpy performed a near perfect shallow dive entry and Mr. Lundgren impressed us with his killer tan.

Post swimming festivities were performed at the Lakeview Castle. They mix a mean Caucasian and the price is right. There was talk of pressing on to a bowling alley in South Superior but that will have to wait till another day.

I am going to start scraping wallpaper off now in hopes of painting my kitchen before my mother arrives next week.

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Welcome to my world
Hello, Clear Channel.

Goodbye, 560 WEBC.

Hello, The Fan Duluth-Superior 560 AM.

Listen at 6am Monday morning for the big change.

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Did I mention the North East Folk Festival is this Weekend?
So LumpyG and I headed down south for the NorthEast Folk Festival this past Saturday and when we arrived at Grumpys we were shocked to find out that it is this coming weekend. We made the best of our predicament (see post by LumpyG) and good times were had with Liz, Brian and Puddin'.

So this Saturday we will make the return trip and hope for sunshine and more good eats at Holy Land.


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Back up and Running.
After a long day of calling Charter Cable support about my new cable modems failure to perform, I just fixed it myself. So now I just need someones scanner for an evening and I can get those Low/Radiohead pictures up on the site.

Other items of note.

My good friends Rod and Rebecca had a baby girl on Saturday. Her name is Lillian Graf St. George and she is very happy and healthy. The whole labor lasted 3 hours. That is how babies are born in cars.

My other good friends Ted and Ann had a daughter 10 days ago or so. Her name is Harriet and she is also healthy and happy.

Congratulations you breeders!

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just a small hi for now
hello hello fellow Duluthians, hope all is well on the hill.
New to the blogger, so kinda feeling my way around -


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Lebowski Festival Update
The Dude Abides. I know we all wanted to be there. But we were busy elsewhere And other places seeing and hearing amazing things.

Others witnesessed it for us

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I'm a Photographer now.
I have my Low/Radiohead pictures in and I will scan some ASAP for your pleasure.

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