March 2013 Posts

Duluth Preservation Alliance Centennial Homes Recognition

This May, the Duluth Preservation Alliance is recognizing Duluth homes which are turning 100 years old at its annual awards ceremony. The DPA is looking for applicants whose homes are turning 100 years old this year and that have retained their historic character.

If you would like to apply, or know someone who might qualify, you can download an application at under the “Centennial Homes Recognition” tab. Applications are due April 18.

If you have any questions, please contact Bob Berg at 218-341-6143 or robert.berg @

Spirit Mountain Snowboarding

Charles Duluth on TV’s The Americans

I just found out about this by reading on the TWOP blog about the show. The character Charles Duluth (played by Reg Rogers) has been in two episodes so far. I wonder how they decided on his last name?

Homegrown 2013 Schedule

Just released on

* Roughly 186 bands.
* Big Wave Dave at Mr. D’s on Tuesday
* Stellar lineup at Grandma’s Sports Garden on Wednesday
* Too much everything after that

Homegrown Band Publicity Photo Showdown: Snöbarn vs. Peter Pain

Snöbarn (photo by Shawn Stigstill)

Peter Pain (photo by Rich Narum)

With the Homegrown Music Festival coming up PDD launched a series of polls six weeks ago, tournament style, to determine which Duluth-area band has the sweetest pic. Last week Tangier 57 defeated Duck Duck Punch. This week we ask …

Which band has the better publicity photo?

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This poll is now closed. The results were:

Sn̦barn Р52.2 percent
Peter Pain – 47.8 percent

Note: Only people who are logged in to their Perfect Duluth Day blogging account are allowed to vote (to prevent people from voting multiple times). To create an account, click here. If you need help figuring it out, click here.

Local film makers producing horror film in Duluth

Murder Pretty, a local independent group of film makers dedicated to producing fun and interesting horror films, is producing its first slasher movie, How Pretty You Die right in Duluth. Filming begins March 28. Check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Lake Superior ice sheets breaking at Brighton Beach

Cooking on the Car returns

Duluth’s finest cooking show continues as Dan Dresser and Jason Wussow make beer cheese soup and black bean dip on the manifold of their car on the way to Washburn using techniques they’ve honed on their many road trips around the country.

Brewhouse Cattle

Jason Davis was in Duluth for his “On the Road” series to find out more about the connection between a brewery and a farm. (Note: The video is preceded, unfortunately, by a short ad).

17.5mm Film

I was talking to a friend about historical research, and he mentioned a local film, unwatchable, because it is on 17.5 mm film — basically, 35mm film cut in half.

Can anyone think of a way to watch this film? This is the 21st century!

MBOTMA Bluegrass Cabin Fever — site change due to Radisson flooding

Important news if you are considering attending the Cabin Fever Festival in Duluth this weekend. Unfortunately the Radisson Hotel has experienced an unforeseeable incident that has forced us to move the event.

A water main broke in downtown Duluth a couple days ago and flooded the basement and electrical service to the Radisson Hotel where the festival was to take place. The hotel will not be able to restore electrical power for several weeks and has completely shut down.

The good news is an alternate space at the Inn on Lake Superior in Canal Park has been secured.

Chipotle coming to the Twin Ports! (?)

I have it on decent authority that work is being done right now to bring four or five Chipotle restaurants to the Twin Ports area. My source says that one of the stores is destined for Cloquet and the rest are going to be in Duluth/Superior.

I won’t get too excited until the doors open, but I think many will agree that this is a long time coming for this area. No more trips south just to get a burrito (yes, I’ve done that).

Low at 20

In yesterday’s story in the DNT, Alan Sparhawk, sound engineer Eric Swanson, musicians Marc Gartman, Amy Abts and Tony Bennett, and Low’s former nanny Scott “Starfire” Lunt all weigh in on the band’s 20 years of music.

It’s a great conversation and it’s one I think is worth continuing here as Low commemorates its second decade in the business and its 10th studio album, which hits the shelves on Tuesday.

What are your favorite Low memories, whether you know the band or you’re just a fan of their music?

This week: zombies, ballet, bluegrass and custom cars


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Storyteller Kevin Kling returns to Duluth tomorrow with Dan Chouinard to perform at Mitchell Auditorium.

La Leche League meets for discussion every third Wednesday of the month at the Coppertop.

Zombie madness meets Elizabethan England in Renegade Theater Company‘s William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead at the Teatro Zuccone starting Thursday and running for three weekends.

The Minnesota Ballet presents its production of Firebird on Friday and Saturday at the DECC Auditorium.

The Cabin Fever Bluegrass Festival melts the winter blues away at the Inn on Lake Superior in Canal Park this weekend, Friday through Sunday.

And if that weren’t enough, this weekend World of Wheels: Motorhead Madness comes to the DECC with custom cars, bikes, four-by-fours and other wheeled wonders.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Where in Superior?