Homegrown Band Publicity Photo Show- down: Tim Kaiser vs. the People Say Fox

Tim Kaiser (photo by Matt Blum)

The People Say Fox (photo by Nate Rendulich)

With the Homegrown Music Festival coming up PDD launched a series of polls seven weeks ago, tournament style, to determine which Duluth-area band has the sweetest pic. Last week Snöbarn defeated Peter Pain. This week we ask …

Which band has the better publicity photo?

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This poll is now closed. The results were:

Tim Kaiser – 87.1 percent
The People Say Fox – 12.9 percent

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Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

The first round concludes with a Tim Kaiser blowout!

Next week we begin the quarterfinal round. The pairings will be:

Tim Kaiser vs. Breanne Marie (April 3)
Tangier 57 vs. Dead Guys (April 3)
The Tisdales vs. Southwire (April 10)
Charlie Parr vs. Snöbarn (April 10)

And then the schedule from there will be:

Semifinals (April 17)
Championship (April 24)

(Dates indicate when the polling starts. We usually leave the polls open about two days. We might go a little longer when we get into the semifinal and championship rounds.)


about 9 years ago

I love the Tim Kaiser photo.

I have a question:  "The People Say Fox" is my favorite local band name.  I am curious about how the band came up with that name, or what it means.  do you know?


about 9 years ago

The name, "The People Say Fox," comes from the Native American tale of the Changer of the Pacific North-West.

Two groups were arguing over who their creator was and "the people" claimed it was a fox.


about 9 years ago

Thanks zacaroo

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