December 2012 Posts

Where in Duluth?

Time once again for the exciting quiz sensation in which you try to guess where in Duluth a photo was taken.

Well, here we are. We need more minions …

Two of them, in fact. 

Who are we? An existential question, at times, but Raven & Associates, Inc. is a promotional products company (we sell stuff with your name on it) right here in Duluth. We are looking for two talented, skilled, and charming individuals to be part of our team.  We are a growing company, a great place to work, and very odd.

Here’s what we are looking for.

Part-time position #1: Part-time customer service/office assistant.

Part-time position #2: We need a digital ink money, or to use another parlance, a person to run our digital printer.

Born on the Day of the Dead: A short film about Ian Thomas Alexy

Minneapolis/Duluth-based artist Ian Thomas Alexy releases a short film documenting the creation of his new record Born on the Day of the Dead. Co-starring Eric “Actual Wolf” Pollard, Carrie Deans and Josie Horbach.

Duck Duck Punch — “RGB”

Duck Duck Punch has a new video, a new album and a gig coming up in Duluth — where the band was formed.

Sizzling in Bacon Grease

Concept idea

Ever since I read a blog post on 3rd Ward I have had the idea of starting this type of center in the area I live in now. The Duluth News Tribune had an article the other day about the trials of selling the shutdown schools and I thought the shuttered Morgan Park school would be an awesome location. I thought that a music studio could be added to the music wing of the schools also. If all the wood-working equipment and the kiln were still there it would be an added bonus.

I think it would be a cool add to the Duluth community. Probably a pipe dream though!

DNT; Jo Cooley: Gen Con Now ‘Video-gaming Convention”

From the DNT – “Local view: Video-gaming convention not a good idea for Duluth”:

“Bringing a scaled-down version of Indiana’s Gen Con convention to Duluth would only increase the amount of violence to which Duluth is exposed. Is increased violence something we really want to willingly welcome into Duluth?”

Your opinion piece is maddeningly uninformed and you should feel bad.

Miller Hill Mall Nostalgia

I know we should all strive to shop as locally as possible for all of our holiday gifts but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. I was at the Miller Hill Mall yesterday and realized how much that place has changed in my lifetime. My biggest memory of the mall was the old movie theater and the McDonald’s right across the way. Not to mention going to Mr. Bulky’s to get candy to sneak in. What are your biggest Miller Hill Mall memories of stores that are no longer there?

Meditation anyone?

I am looking for a meditation group in the Duluth area … anyone know of anything?

Nicholas David’s performances on The Voice

Eagan native Nicholas David (whose real name is David Mrozinski) has played Duluth a few times with Teague Alexy, and his aunt and uncle own the Duluth Grill.

Above he performs a medley of Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire” during the Dec. 17 broadcast.

The winner of The Voice will be announced tonight during a two-hour broadcast on KBJR-TV channel 6.1. The prize is a recording contract with Universal Music Group.

Jimi Cooper’s Short Attention Span X-mas Medley, Fractal style

I’m as lefty as most …

… but am I correct that the City Council agreed to forgive $305,000 in overpayments to retirees, then agreed to a 2.82 percent tax levy increase?

Anthony Bennett — Hello Cruel World

Visit starting right now to download Hello Cruel World, a 15-track album of bits and bobs and odds and ends that I’ve been accumulating for some time. It’s acoustic-type pop/rock/indie music, and it’s my first solo album. For the benefit of your wallet, it’s also free. There’s a bonus Christmas song on the site, too. Happy holidays.

Snow Sculpture

A snow sculpture at the corner of 21st Avenue East and Fourth Street depicts an angel with her arms around weeping children.

The Theater Formerly Known As Omnimax

I’m looking for more info on the old Omnimax and the D-Box experience. How does one get a D-Box ticket? What’s it like? How much does it cost? Is it worth it?