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Ever since I read a blog post on 3rd Ward I have had the idea of starting this type of center in the area I live in now. The Duluth News Tribune had an article the other day about the trials of selling the shutdown schools and I thought the shuttered Morgan Park school would be an awesome location. I thought that a music studio could be added to the music wing of the schools also. If all the wood-working equipment and the kiln were still there it would be an added bonus.

I think it would be a cool add to the Duluth community. Probably a pipe dream though!



about 12 years ago

You're not the only one with a similar idea. The hackerspace proponents on here and the crew behind the Armory revitalization all seem to be on the same wavelength.  I think it's in the "we need a leader to follow and delegate tasks" phase. I'm certainly willing to help.


about 12 years ago

That 3rd Ward program is very cool, but I would imagine it takes a lot to pull it together. Time, commitment and $$$.

Don't you think that between the Art Institute, Pineapple Arts, the Music Resource Center, CoLab, Renegade / Zeitgeist, and other places around town, there are already options to do many of the things the 3rd Ward is doing, just not under one roof? The shop space / hackerspace is a missing link.

Seems that promoting, networking and encouraging the individual efforts already going on would be easier than trying to start up a big new program or facility.


about 12 years ago

Put it at The Historic Duluth Armory Arts & Music Center.


about 12 years ago

They are into that .. all it needs is a driving force, organzer .. all interested parties are waiting for you leader x .. where are you?


about 12 years ago

Leader X checking in.

3rd Ward is cool. These types of programs (hackerspace, makerspace) are definitely on the radar of the Armory organization. Our latest plan sketches even identify area for such programs.

But if we want a program like this at the Armory we'll have to work for it. The Armory is going to require a lot of time and $$$. 

To get involved join us at the Armory Annex at 1325 London Road any Saturday morning from 10:00 to 2:00 starting January 5th. We will be there remodeling the building into art studio space. It's a great chance to meet the crew and get updated on the project.

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