Concept idea

Ever since I read a blog post on 3rd Ward I have had the idea of starting this type of center in the area I live in now. The Duluth News Tribune had an article the other day about the trials of selling the shutdown schools and I thought the shuttered Morgan Park school would be an awesome location. I thought that a music studio could be added to the music wing of the schools also. If all the wood-working equipment and the kiln were still there it would be an added bonus.

I think it would be a cool add to the Duluth community. Probably a pipe dream though!

How I Met Your Mother’s PDD

Saw this ad on TV tonight.

Moving Back to Duluth. Need Input.

I have finally convinced my wife to come back to Duluth after years of trying to persuade her. Her biggest concerns are education for our children, cultural diversity, organic selection for food and a good doctor of osteopathic medicine that has a family practice. I turn to PDD because my personal circle of influence in town stays with the norm of not researching these subjects and she needs a good place to start. We do not need to live in Duluth proper, but would like to be close enough that Grandma can reach us in a short amount of time to babysit.

Oh, and on a side note, I wanted to post this link that I just found while cleaning my bookmarks out. It is the best thing I have found on PDD to date!

Any good health food stores?

I am in town for the week and the little one is getting junkie in his chest and nose. We need to buy some echanasia and on the east coast I can only find it and all the vitamins we need at the local health food store. My wife saw Betty Lou’s through Google. Is there any others that you might suggest?

Coming home for a vacation

My wife, kids and I are traveling home to Duluth in mid October and this will be my first trip back home since having children. The oldest will be 18 months in October and we need some activities for the days since the nights will be spent in Gary bars. (yes the kids too)

I have the common list of the zoo, aquarium, children’s museum and trains. Along with walking the tracks in Morgan Park and showing them were I learned to get into trouble. I need some suggestions of other things to do.

If you could drop me some suggestion in the comment stream, that would be great.

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