How I Met Your Mother’s PDD

Saw this ad on TV tonight.



about 5 years ago

Didn't think I would like that show, but it is pretty darned funny. 

Marshall, the character from MN, occasionally throws out Packer jokes which nobody in their group gets but I find hilarious.

not there

about 5 years ago

I thought it was too cold in Duluth to have "street walkers."


about 5 years ago

This reminds me of something I've always wondered. How familiar with Duluth is an average American? If you say Duluth, MN would someone from Seattle or Miami know where you're talking about, or at least be familiar with the name?


about 5 years ago

There have been plenty of pop culture mentions of Duluth (without Minnesota at the end). I think Duluth is big enough that most people have heard of it, and I hope they could at least tell you that it's in Minnesota. But most probably don't know much more than that. I don't think most people in Miami or Seattle would know much more than that though.

But who knows? I could be totally wrong. I've often wondered that same question myself...


about 5 years ago

Of course, the Duluth Police released this today:

Local law enforcement officials arrest five in undercover prostitution operation On Dec. 6 members of the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force, Duluth Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives conducted an undercover operation targeting suspects who are using the website Backpage.com to advertise prostitution services. Suspects involved in this activity commonly post ads under the "Escorts" section of the website. The Duluth Police Department and Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force have received numerous complaints from the public about illegal prostitution activities occurring on Backpage.com. Three women were arrested in connection with this operation and charged with Prostitution in a Public Place, a gross misdemeanor offense in Minnesota. The three women all had ads posted on Backpage.com advertising prostitution services. All three women were booked into the St. Louis County Jail and have been released pending further investigation. After responding to ads on Backpage.com, two men who were seeking prostitution services were also arrested. The two men have been identified as Brandon Jay LaFave (DOB 02/20/89) and Frankie Louis Curtis (DOB 10/12/76). LaFave and Curtis were lodged at the St. Louis County Jail and have been formally charged in St. Louis County district court with solicitation of prostitution in a public place.


about 5 years ago

The New York Times did a "36 hours in Duluth" piece years back, so NYT readers might be familiar with our city.  So are Woody Allen film viewers.

Lawrence Lee

about 5 years ago

I love the Minnesota references in HIMYM. I didn't think I'd like the series either, but I got completely hooked.

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