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Anthony Bennett – “Damn Duluth”

Duluth’s Anthony Bennett presents this cover of the classic A.J McLean song “Damn, Duluth,” from the forthcoming compilation album Duluth Does Damn Duluth.

If you don’t understand, see “AJ Mclean praises and damns Duluth on TikTok.”

Anthony Bennett – “I’m a Politician”

Duluth’s Anthony Bennett has a new album set for release on May 28. Fun’s Over contains 12 tracks recorded during the pandemic, including the first single, “I’m a Politician.”

Anthony Bennett – “Natural Disaster” (live on The PlayList)

Anthony Bennett performs “Natural Disaster” from his album Hello Cruel World on the March 19 episode of WDSE-TV’s The PlayList.

Anthony Bennett — Hello Cruel World

Visit starting right now to download Hello Cruel World, a 15-track album of bits and bobs and odds and ends that I’ve been accumulating for some time. It’s acoustic-type pop/rock/indie music, and it’s my first solo album. For the benefit of your wallet, it’s also free. There’s a bonus Christmas song on the site, too. Happy holidays.

Free Music from Anthony Bennett

Hi, everybody. I just wanted to let you fine Nazi-and/or-Tall-Ship-loving-or-hating folks know that I’ve got a site now where you can download some of my songs for free in a number of formats. It’s, and I’m going to be posting all kinds of stuff there, over time. Please, if you would, venture over there, see what you think, and if you like any of the tunes, forward the link to someone. Sorry for the spam-flavored post, but, with the impending death of the CD, us muso-types have gotta figure out new ways to get this stuff out in the world. Have a wonderful Wednesday. – Tony