Anthony Bennett – “I’m a Politician”

Duluth’s Anthony Bennett has a new album set for release on May 28. Fun’s Over contains 12 tracks recorded during the pandemic, including the first single, “I’m a Politician.”

It’s the second solo album by Bennett, who is best known for his work with the Dames and Cars & Trucks, among other bands. And yes, he’s also been writing and event-calendar editing on Perfect Duluth Day’s team since 2014.

The album is available for preorder on Bandcamp. Words of warning: it’s a “super-loose, grimy basement record,” according to Bennett, who actually includes an apology on the album’s Bandcamp page.

“I know I can do better,” Bennett writes, “I just chose not to. It is a mutant child I had long ago banished to the dungeon in shame, but the pandemic caused me to look at it afresh with a kind of affection and help it make its way into the world. I now realize it was likely the effects of isolation, lost work, fear, anxiety, and inertia conspiring to make me think this was worth completing.”

Still, he’s proud of it.

“Some of these tunes are among my best,” Bennett continues. “Just try to imagine them being recorded by someone who knows what they’re doing in a real studio. They’d really be great, like that. But they never will be, because I have shat, and now I am getting off the pot. This album is a mess, but it’s my mess, and I am taking responsibility for it.”

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