Nicholas David’s performances on The Voice

Eagan native Nicholas David (whose real name is David Mrozinski) has played Duluth a few times with Teague Alexy, and his aunt and uncle own the Duluth Grill.

Above he performs a medley of Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire” during the Dec. 17 broadcast.

The winner of The Voice will be announced tonight during a two-hour broadcast on KBJR-TV channel 6.1. The prize is a recording contract with Universal Music Group.

And here’s his version of “You Are so Beautiful” from Dec. 10:

“Criminal” duet with Melanie Martinez from Dec. 4:

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from Dec. 3:

“September,” also from Dec. 3:

“What’s Going On” from Nov. 26:

“Lean on Me” from Nov. 19:

“The Power of Love” from Nov. 12:

“You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” from Nov. 7

“Put Your Records On” from Oct. 29 (it starts at 1:29, following “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Mycle Wastman):

“She’s Gone” — duet with Todd Kessler — from Oct. 15:

And his audition song, “Stand by Me,” from Sept. 17:



about 12 years ago

I'm just trying to figure out what venue that is.  The Rex?  I don't get out much anymore and I don't watch nearly enough television.  Also, I couldn't see Teague anywhere through all of the flames.


about 12 years ago

Nick "the Feelin" is simply an amazing musician and singer. I am very fortunate to have seen him perform many times and chat with him. What you see on TV is how he really is. He plays Winona often and dozens gather at the local pub to watch him on The Voice. Best of luck tonight!


about 12 years ago

I like that guy's voice. It's a lot more interesting that the other 2 finalists.


about 12 years ago

I like Nick Mro, and it's amazing he's fought an inner burning desire to pile-drive Carson Daly in front of millions of viewers this long. But does anyone else feel this format of 'talent discovery' should perhaps be wiped off the face of the earth with the same passion as oh say, the Black Death?


about 12 years ago

Cheers to that comment, Herzog.  It'd be really great of music could just go back to being about the sounds but that'll never happen.

about 12 years ago

I'm on the same side as Herzog, really. I know there are some genuine articles in the mix, but here in the states at least, the diamonds get left in the rough. 

Nick though, is the genuine article. He'll go as far as his ambitions carry him...


about 12 years ago

I list this next rant among my all-time 'pissing-upwind' comments... 

I'll never understand why Americans have struggled so with this concept of "reality," save for the fact their lives are so dull, this "anything goes" approach sells tickets faster than a dog-shit eating contest, and the producers can just run with it.  That the very word "reality" got tagged with this format speaks for itself, sort of like the pot calling the kettle neon pink. 

The end results of The Voice, spoke for Americans once again, they threw out "fun creative original dude" for Miss Teen Pageant USA. But forcing creative performers to do covers to showcase their talents?   And whichever white person sounds the blackest, or sings in the most African American style wins? That to me is fucked up, but says a lot about our collective psyche.  In the 1980s when the Whitney Houston  afro warblesque style was, I thought, at its zenith, and I was but 12 years old, I thought/hoped this kind of shit would spin its sloppy course by maybe 1992.  I was sadly mistaken, because it was just getting started.  For those of you still wondering what real R&B sounds like, I suggest downloading some Otis Redding.  He was black, and he didn't sound anything like this.

Kudos to Nick anyway for "entering the Ninja."

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