October 2012 Posts

Video Archive: Louis Jenkins reading in 1976

These clips are from the short film From the Museroom: A Sampler of Minnesota Poets, shot in 1976 during a Poetry Collective benefit at the Firehouse in Minneapolis, Minn. Above: “Violence on Television.” Below: “Dream of Wealth.”

Urban Climbing in Duluth

Whoopie Wall, First Steet Boulder and Ely’s Peak.

Wolf Debate at UMD

Brewhouse at Great American Beer Festival

Big congrats to the Fitger’s Brewhouse for winning a medal at the GABF 2012. Fitger’s Framboise took the bronze in the American-style Sour Ale category. I haven’t tried it, but I’m sure it’s fantastic.

Boy with Red Balloon in Downtown Duluth

Here’s a short video (plus a few snapshots) that I took last spring following one of the Saturday Morning Film showings outside of Zinema 2 in Old Downtown Duluth. Hopefully they continue the series again this coming winter and spring. It was cheap, family friendly, and pretty dang engaging for the parents, grandparents and hipsters in the crowd, too. You don’t often get that combination from the megacineplex fare.

Do I get some kind of prize if I am the first person to use the “sappy stuff” tag? Bragging rights and/or swag would be acceptable.

Virgin Mobile claws back #TBT hashtag

Twitter nerds will understand this. Hashtag humor. It’s a niche category.

Click the image to go to the referenced instagram pic of Trampled by Turtles playing at a Virgin Mobile event. Our boys are growing up. *sigh*

Rosie’s Taco Trailer in Duluth Heights

I never post anything here, but I felt it was my civic duty to inform the PDD community about Un Taco Mas by Rosie, a taco trailer in the parking lot of Old World Meats. Rosie is from San Antonio, Texas, and makes the best taco I have had in Duluth. I had one carne asada and one carne quisada. She made the flour tortillas fresh while I waited, the filling was amazing. She has a full breakfast menu as well, she is there from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. It is on the corner of Basswood Avenue and Central Entrance. The place is very much worth the visit.

Haines Road temporarily open between Skyline Parkway and Morris Thomas Road

Haines Road has re-opened between Skyline Parkway and Morris Thomas Road. (Haines Road below Skyline, where it connects to 40th Avenue West, remains closed.) This means it is again possible to travel along Skyline across Haines Road.

Lights Out! as Migration Season ends.

My friends at Wildwoods say: “Dim the lights and brighten the future! Birds can be drawn off course by bright lights in our cities. By turning off unnecessary lights after midnight we can save money, energy and migrating birds.”

Steve Martin tweets Duluth

Earlier today, comedian Steve Martin tweeted a picture of the Duluth Vinyl Roofs / Arrowhead Hearing Aid Center on Superior Street noting, “I love it when businesses combine. So convenient!”

If you’re on Twitter and you like Steve Martin, he’s worth following. Funny stuff. Go Duluth!

Ian Thomas Alexy — “Stick Around”

From the new record Born on the Day of the Dead.

When at Krenzen Service Center …

Take advantage of the huge curved blackboard set up next to the waiting area – a great way to pass the time while the Honda gets serviced.

My way of passing the time yesterday at Krenzen . . .

The Lowertown Line

Twin Cities Public Television is launching a new live-performance music show similar to Austin City Limits. It’s called The Lowertown Line, and the pilot episode will feature Duluth’s Trampled by Turtles. The taping is scheduled for Oct. 24 at TPT’s studio in Lowertown, St. Paul.

Evening with the Stars?

Hey did anyone ever go to WDIO’s Evening with the Stars in the past couple years? I think the first year was in Greysolon and then it got so big that they moved it to the DECC. It was kind of a spin off of the ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. I haven’t heard an announcement about it this year. Last year it was held on Oct. 18.

I guess all good things come to an end. Sigh. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the event had a big band as well as some other local musicians, with lots of great dancing, a fun night of dressing up, free food, and vendors to check out and play games, etc. My wife and I really enjoyed attending it. We’re sad to see that it doesn’t seem to exist this year.

7 West Tap House: Photos, Menu, Reviews


7 West Tap House
7 W. Superior St., Duluth