October 2012 Posts

East Superior Street Parking

It seems to me that in recent years, with the additions of Zeitgeist Arts, Black Water Lounge, Carmody Irish Pub, Tycoons, etc. (not to mention the fabulous new product additions at the Last Place on Earth) the area surrounding the NorShor Theatre has gone from being a really easy place to find a parking spot to one where you either have to get really lucky or park in a ramp.

I mention this mostly just to stir up the pot so people can bitch about progress, but I also want to throw out two observational questions:

1) Are you like me and fear parking in ramps because so many TV shows and movies when you were growing up had scenes where people get ambushed and shot in parking ramps?

2) Doesn’t it seem like kind of trap that the Sheraton ramp is free at night … until 2 a.m.? So, you know, go get drunk — the parking is free. But make sure you move your car before you get a cab home.

Kind of interesting …

Catholic guilt by association: how Minnesota marriage amendment politics hurt Land Stewardship Project

Outdoor Alliance Meeting

Representatives from the Outdoor Alliance met with local outdoor leaders last night at Hartley Nature Center. The goal was to form a collaborative effort in making local green space more accessible and maximizing outdoor opportunities for Duluthians and tourists alike. Last night’s meeting got the ball rolling in what will likely be a very successful collaboration between outdoor leaders in the region.

Learn more about the Outdoor Alliance

Kauzlaric Woods: Where in Duluth?

Normally when we play “Where in Duluth?” there would be a photo that doesn’t blatantly reveal the answer. In this case, we have a photo that obviously was shot at Kauzlaric Woods. So more specifically we ask, “Where in Duluth is Kauzlaric Woods?”

Once we’re done playing that little game, perhaps someone will be able to tell us who “Kauzlaric” is.

Found: Connolly’s Tom & Jerry Batter

I found some Connolly’s Tom & Jerry batter in the freezer section of West Duluth Super One today. I thought I should alert you all before the December batter shortage hits.

Lake County DAC looking for program asst.

Please see our website for details regarding employment.

David Cowardin says: “No”

Recorded live at Beaner’s Central last week.

This week: braaaaaaaains


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Up and coming French pianist, Lise de la Salle, will be performing at Mitchell Auditorium on Tuesday, but you can meet her tonight at a free reception at Tycoons.

David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross opens at the Play Ground this Thursday. An all female cast takes on this testosterone driven play. It runs two weekends.

Halloween is kicking into high gear this week and here is a smattering of events:

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!`

Brewhouse to nix North Loop Plan

It looks like the Brewhouse won’t have a location in the Twin Cities.

Vita.mn: “Fitger’s Brewhouse nixes North Loop plans

Duluth craft-beer bastion Fitger’s Brewhouse has scrapped its plans to open a Minneapolis location in the North Loop space that once housed Trocaderos. Brad Nelson, a spokesman for Fitger’s parent company Just Take Action Inc., which also owns Burrito Union and Tycoons Alehouse and Eatery in Duluth, said Thursday that the scope of the project proved more than they were willing to take on at this time.

History on the Hill: LakeVoice reporters explore Duluth’s untold stories

Student journalists at LakeVoice News have recently published their first collection of stories for the fall 2012 issue of LakeVoice News. The collection is called History on the Hill and it explores the untold stories about Duluth’s historic places.

The students went around the city, observing people, exploring neighborhoods and learning about the fascinating history of Duluth’s third places.

Historic memorabilia found at Northland Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial

Point of Rocks is Duluth’s ‘urban wilderness’

Stewart’s Bikes & Sports strolls down memory lane

Last Election on Earth

Well, there it is. Jim Carlson’s name is on the ballot.


I don’t want to argue, but Caroll Spinney was a shoo-in for the
2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

Awning Edit

When did this happen? The riot of apostrophe errors on the Sir Ben’s awnings is gone. Here’s how they look now.

Found pup

I am in the Lakeside area and have found a terrier mix. It’s female, very well groomed. Possibly a puppy.  Very sweet. Are you missing her? Actually, a neighbor found her but already has too many dogs, so I will lodge her and on Monday I will be bringing her to Animal Allies to see if she is possibly micro-chipped.

Ski binding mounting

Let’s say a fella got an incredible deal on some skis and another incredible deal on some bindings (not in Duluth). Does anyone know of a person/place that can mount those? I’ll also check with the local stores, but I’m not sure they are in the business of mounting bindings/skis purchased elsewhere.