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Old Casino Signs

Casino SignsI noticed these in the alley behind Fond-du-Luth Casino yesterday. Anyone got a pickup truck and a nice loft space?

Missing home terribly. Wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes.


Merv Griffin “Christmas City” B-Side

Some people may not know that in addition to the Merv Griffin Duluth-themed classic “Christmas City,” which was written for the Christmas City of the North Parade, there is also a B-side to the 45 RPM single that was released back in 1962. It’s called “The Song of the Christmas City.”

Also a song written with Duluth in mind (and worked into the song lyrics), this one is more of a slow jam compared to Christmas City’s more upbeat jingle-bell jive. The song features addition vocals by one Maureen Reynolds who I couldn’t find any information on. Apparently she’s off the grid.

You can download good vinyl rips of both tunes to add to your own Christmas playlist right here. Enjoy!

Steve Martin tweets Duluth

Earlier today, comedian Steve Martin tweeted a picture of the Duluth Vinyl Roofs / Arrowhead Hearing Aid Center on Superior Street noting, “I love it when businesses combine. So convenient!”

If you’re on Twitter and you like Steve Martin, he’s worth following. Funny stuff. Go Duluth!

Missing the hills and snow of the Zenith City

This will be the first Christmas I won’t be spending in Duluth since I moved there with my family in December 1991, and I’m missing it so. I’ll never forget how much snow there was that year! Growing up in Duluth shaped me in so many ways, from the way I treat my fellow man, to the water I drink (nothing compares to dear Superior), to the music I listen to and write.

This is an original Christmas song I wrote that makes me think of and miss our fair Zenith City. I figured if I couldn’t be there, I’d share it with the city that made me. I hope this finds you all with lots of snow and love. Listen, download, share, and please enjoy.

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