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Duluth attempts world record this Saturday

I didn’t notice any mention of this so I thought I’d help spread the word. It looks like we need at least 9,000 people to attend to break the record for making the most snow angels. (I have no affiliation with the event; please see their website for more details.) Come make your mark by making a snow angel; proceeds go to a charity supporting clean water for those in need. All the info can be found on

Evening with the Stars?

Hey did anyone ever go to WDIO’s Evening with the Stars in the past couple years? I think the first year was in Greysolon and then it got so big that they moved it to the DECC. It was kind of a spin off of the ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. I haven’t heard an announcement about it this year. Last year it was held on Oct. 18.

I guess all good things come to an end. Sigh. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the event had a big band as well as some other local musicians, with lots of great dancing, a fun night of dressing up, free food, and vendors to check out and play games, etc. My wife and I really enjoyed attending it. We’re sad to see that it doesn’t seem to exist this year.

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