So I bought $40 worth of coke today …

So I bought $40 worth of coke today … Coca-Cola that is. The final production run of Coke in returnable 6.5 oz bottles in the US was made last week in Winona, MN. Sad, the end of an era, an American icon and they were one of many things I like about my little river town. They are selling the last 5500 bottles for $20 each and all the proceeds go toward maintaining and improving Winona’s bicycle paths around the lake. I am saving one bottle forever and the other I will drink after after a nice autumn motorcycle ride and with a good meal. Cheers!

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about 12 years ago

Yeah, it is sad.  Not for my love of Coca Cola but the nostalgia and the ubiquity of the plastic "bottle."  Was just thinking about this very thing the other day. Wondering if you can still get a bottle of Coke in the USA.  It's so much more civilized than plastic. Recall that my father had a Coke machine back in the 1960s and early '70s. A bottle cost a dime and the cases were wooden. I got to know the Coca Cola bottling man. A nice memory.

about 12 years ago

So totally not what I was thinking...


about 12 years ago

Mexico will continue to make them and sell en la Groceria.

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