Minnesota 2016 Caucus Results

Minnesota Republican Party
Marco Rubio – 41,397 | 36%
Ted Cruz – 33,181 | 29%
Donald J. Trump – 24,473 | 21%
Dr. Ben Carson – 8,422 | 7%
John R. Kasich – 6,565 | 6%
Write in – 207 | 0.18%

Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Bernie Sanders – 125,635 | 61%
Hillary Clinton – 78,317 | 38%
Uncommitted – 1,067 | 0.52%
Write in – 213 | .1%
Martin O’Malley – 153 | 0.07%
Rocque “Rocky” de la Fuente – 53 | 0.03%

The Green Party of Minnesota and Libertarian Party of Minnesota released graphics instead of hard numbers:

Minnesota Green Party 2016

Libertarian Party
Libertarian Party Minnesota 2016

Graphics are obviously easier to look at, but provide less detail. The Republican Party of Minnesota released the graphic below when returns were only 96 percent available, but hasn’t put out an updated version.


The GOP also put out a graphic that breaks down 82 percent of the results in the Eighth Congressional District, which is the giant northeastern chunk of the state that includes Duluth. Those results skew more toward Donald Trump than Marco Rubio, and have Ted Cruz as the leader.


The Minnesota DFL seems to have no such fancy graphic.



about 8 years ago

Can anyone explain how having "super delegates" is in any way democratic? Also: in Minnesota both incumbent  senators backed Hillary Clinton and she still lost by about 22 points. How about that? Is that why the DFL doesn't post a fancy graphic about the results?


about 8 years ago

If democracy had anything to do with it we wouldn't need the electoral college.  They should call it the Erectoral College, seeing how it's really just a bunch of stiff dicks evoking our founding slave masters in a televised flag sucking marathon.  Only eight months till the election though. I'll barely have time to do my hair.


about 8 years ago

Here's a  quote from a guy who should be running:
"We spent more money bailing out Wall Street than we did on 50 years of NASA." 


about 8 years ago

So, I have been learning about "super-delegates" late in life.  Mn Republicans have 7%  super-delegates. Dems have 15%. Republican super-delegates must vote for whomever wins in MN. Dem super-delegates can vote for anyone they choose.  Nation-wide, primary vote counts in many media outlets are counting super-delegates as having gone for Clinton, giving the appearance of a huge lead for Clinton. The Democrat party-bosses have their thumb on the scale and the media goes along. Primaries are not what democracy looks like. Party bosses should not have more clout than average voters.

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