Duluth Superior Pride 2012

Perfect day for a parade.



about 12 years ago

Don't forget to vote 'no' in November, and preserve the right for all people to marry.  Please.  I moved here from Nebraska for a reason.


about 12 years ago

Yes - Emmadogs is always right!
NO in NOvember!


about 12 years ago

Vote NO twice:
 -- No on restricting the right of people who want to marry

-- No on restricting the right of people to vote.


about 12 years ago

Yes!  We have to vote NO twice this November.  The  effort to remove the basic right to vote from senior citizens, the poor and students is an outrage.  I don't know which of these amendments makes me more angry.  What is wrong with people?


about 12 years ago

Now, THAT's clever, Bad Cat!

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