Lake Superior Barrels Project Blog

The Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa has started a project blog for its investigation into the Lake Superior barrels. The site will be used to update the public during the field work this summer.



about 12 years ago

My friend worked for the Corps of Engineers and was on the boat that dug up those barrels a few years ago.  He said it was really just scrap and garbage, but I'll be interested to see what thay find this time.


about 12 years ago

From the above Nukewatch page:

Capt. Maynard (Ret.) ... said that from inside his submarine, a Corps of Engineers' Geiger counter registered radiation near one barrel, that the tether securing his sub to a surface ship was contaminated and made the Corps' Geiger counter click, that the Corps of Engineers' Bob Dempsey "has been denying that ever since," and that Mr. Dempsey would not allow him to return with his sub to the same place to verify his reading.


about 12 years ago

Of all the fucked up things going on around here that folks seem to care least about, where there is the clearest absence of people who should be rioting in the streets to lynch the white collar criminals who've done this,  and for which putting my house up for sale and getting as far away from here as perfectly possible seems most necessary, this takes the cake.

 But if it's any consolation, doctors injected scads of radiation into my mom's neck in the fifties, for shits and giggles, and she's still here.

about 12 years ago

Heh ... and go where? The impending water shortage is going to leave the remainder of the country in dire straits, trying to scramble for every drop that's available. 

The first place they're gonna come?

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