Yoshikas Sauna Revisited

On the Bumper to Bumper show on KFAN Radio, broadcast out of the Twin Cities and on the air in Duluth on KQDS AM 1490, host Dan Barreiro and his crew took on the subject of a new “cuddle business” opening near Sacramento, Calif. The subject turned to a “health club” called Yoshiko’s Sauna in Minneapolis that was in business during the 1990s. Later in the show they discovered an old post about Duluth’s Yoshikas Sauna on Perfect Duluth Day and … well … that’s the clip above.



about 9 years ago

Pretty sure that it is Yoshiko's.  The letters are very similar and I think the confusion is just due to the lousy job of neon bending.

Sad to say, I never patronize this establishment. Probably my clueless ex-girlfriend's are convinced that I did, though. After all one thought that I went to see prostitutes in Las Vegas just because I was laughing at the 140 pages of "entertainment" in the phonebook.

There were some pretty funny, or perhaps sad reviews of this place online. Apparently you could go pay $80-$160 to have sex with a slightly over weighed four months pregnant Asian lady in a room that smelled like semen, on a dirty mattress. You could also dangle your feet in a hot tub with said women.

Damn, now that I mention it that it doesn't sound half bad...

Anyway, I have to wonder along with the radio guys why this place stayed open so long. Some sort of Nordic lassez faire? Pretty much everyone knew that it was a house of prostitution, unlike the Family Sauna which is just a bunch of gay guys paying  an entrance fee to boink each other.


about 9 years ago

Sorry about the stupid typos, I use the voice thing on my phone and then proofread poorly. Should have learned from the Yoshiko's vs Yoshika's controversy.


about 9 years ago

All I know is that listening to this reminded me of why I don't listen to commercial radio.

Javi Lund Gomez

about 4 years ago

I see there are now two places on West First Street downtown that are like Yoshiko's masquerading as Asian massage centers. Another on the corner of Highway 53 & Haines Road.

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