Wildwoods at Cruise a Palooza

Wildwoods Rehabilitation was at Cruise A Palooza last Friday just off Central Entrance. The Great Lakes Aquarium (our partners in many projects) joined us with some herpetological critters for kiddies to meet, greet, and pet.

Booth at Cruise a Palooza

I’ve been under the weather this summer, and so I’ve been remiss about telling you about Wildwoods this year.

1. They’ve saved several fawn, now roaming at the Wild & Free facility:

2. Re-nesting baby crows
When the maintenance crew at the DECC cut down a pine, they didn’t realize that it contained a crow nest. Fortunately, they were able to help a Wildwoods volunteer attach a new crow nest, complete with nestlings, to a tree right next to their old nest tree. Fingers crossed for Mom and Dad to come back. Thanks so much to John, who saved the babies, ran the rig and made this re-nesting possible!

3. Some stories end without clear closure — probably tragedy. Somewhere in Cloquet, there was a skunk this Spring wandering around with a bottle stuck on its head, accompanied by a friend. This skunk is in trouble, and will die if it doesn’t get help.
Skunk in trouble

4. Several orphaned woodchucks were raised and freed.

5. A bittern was a real nailbiter. The bittern that was admitted with two broken legs is recuperating in ICU from its surgery. When the bird was admitted, our vet staff rigged up this sling to support the bird in its cage, keeping weight off its legs (much like you would a horse). The bird has its first surgical recheck today. Vet Renee said the pinning of the legs went well, the bird doesn’t appear to have nerve damage, but there was a lot of internal soft tissue damage from all the bone shards. We’re hoping that with plenty of rest and medical attention, those tissues will heal.

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about 12 years ago

Good work! (also, I want to hug all of those animals)


about 12 years ago

Poor skunk.  Keep it classy, human beings.

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