On Slow Motion

The Slow Motion exhibit at Prøve was a puzzler for me, initially. The pieces were, as always, dynamic and transformative.
Exhibit Poster
This piece, in particular, strikes me as powerful. Watch it for a little bit in this video:

Like many, most exhibits in The Prøve space, this one is beyond the scale of my home. And many pieces, like Tim Kaiser’s electic piece, were marked NFS, “not for sale.”

While I enjoy attending Prøve openings, I was left to wonder — how can a gallery make the rent with so few works of art to sell?

I talked with one of the co-owners, a quiet, unassuming gentleman, who helped me understand one of the roles of the gallery that I never understood properly. The gallery is not just a demonstration of goods; it is a demonstration of taste. As Prøve has established in the last nearly a year that they have been in business in Duluth, they have an amazing sense of taste — A sense of taste worth hiring if you are an art lover, collector, or corporate entity looking to decorate your investments with other investments.

As for this piece, the nerd in me thinks that this answers some common question about “representation” — about turning datastreams into an artistic representation. But the gallerygoer just watched it and watched it and watched it for hours.

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about 12 years ago

Good review. In response to the question re: selling ....  My guess is that the gallery's first year has been in part a way to find its legs.  Most of the shows did have art objects for sale. But there are a variety of purposes for galleries. PROVE & Ochre Ghost both have a different mission than the traditional commercial galleries catering to tourists. Each one has its own niche, value and purpose  The community is enriched by the aesthetic experiences that are offered by all these various venues.

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