PDD Quiz: July 2020 in Review

The fleeting summer continues to fly by. How closely did you pay attention to local headlines? Quiz on to test your memory!

The next PDD quiz, on the topic of street namesakes, will be published on Aug. 16. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Aug. 12.

#1 This 1,000-foot tug-barge scraped the side of the Duluth Ship Canal’s north pier on July 13.

View footage of the incident here.

#2 Jamrock Cultural Restaurant began operating out of this Superior bar.

The Star Tribune has more on the story here.

#3 Family pet Flash escaped from his East Hillside home this month (his second escape to make headlines). What kind of animal is Flash?

Read more about Flash (and his previous escape attempt) on the Duluth News Tribune website. And keep a lookout for that tortoise!

#4 This Superior coffeehouse announced that it would not reopen in its current location.

KBJR has more on the story here.

#5 A man was apprehended on July 2 after spending a day in the Duluth sewer system. What else did headlines note about him?

KBJR has more on the story here.

#6 A malfunctioning beacon was removed from this area lighthouse.

Read more about the story on the Duluth News Tribune website.

#7 A food stand specializing in this sandwich opened in Superior.

The Superior Telegram reports on the opening of Superior Cubans here.

#8 Local breweries are being affected by a shortage of what?

Read more about the shortage on the CBS3 website.

#9 The remains of Army Corporal Francis J. Rochon were returned to Foxboro. In what war did Corporal Rochon serve?

KBJR has more on the story here.

#10 The Duluth City Council voted against selling two stained-glass Tiffany windows. Where are these windows displayed?

Read more about the vote on the Duluth News Tribune website.


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Helmut Flaag

about 3 years ago

I'll take, We All Got Screwed by Orangey for $1200. Then I'd like to buy a vowel.

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