Old Duluth Homes

My name is Kaitlin. I am a journalism student at UMD and am currently writing a story about old Duluth homes. I am in search of people who own or know someone who owns an older home in the Congdon area or anywhere in Duluth. I am interested in talking with residents about the problems they’ve had in renovating or just general issues they’ve noticed in their older homes.

If you or someone you know have had any sort of issue or is willing to talk about their old home, I’d love to talk!

Thanks so much!



about 12 years ago

I know someone you can talk to at UMD.  Stop in the Statesman office and I can give you the info.


about 12 years ago

You might want to contact the Duluth Preservation Alliance. They give awards to people who fix up old homes. The names of award winners are public (they're on the Alliance's web site), and they all have stories about challenges they ran into in trying to renovate or preserve their houses. 

You might also try contacting some architects that do renovation projects. They might have clients willing to talk to you and could certainly answer general questions about the challenges of renovating.


about 12 years ago

Thanks so much everyone! 

Is there a name I should know when I go into the Statesman Office? 

I will definitely be calling the Preservation Alliance! That's a great idea.


about 12 years ago

My place is late 1800s and is a sister of three such places.  Contact me at 1x1 @ charter.net.

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