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Spring is here and I feel like surrounding myself with plants.  Unfortunately, I have no garden space, so I am looking for indoor plants.  Nothing fancy, just your basics: spider plants, maybe a palm tree … so long as they are green, living, and will thrive indoors — I’m game.

Where in the Duluth area would I buy these plants?

Looking online I see plenty of nurseries and garden centers, but I’m not looking for landscaping or outdoor plants.  Some of the nurseries are even still closed for the winter.

There are “flower stores” where I would buy a horribly overpriced bouquet, and I could probably find a green plant in there (but I don’t want to pay for the twee little basket and precious little card that comes with it).

I could probably find a plant or two in a Big Box Store, but I’d really rather avoid something like that.  Local and family owned is awesome.

If I still lived in the Cities I’d go to Bachman’s. If I still lived in St. Cloud I’d go to Woods.  Where do I go in Duluth?



about 11 years ago

Engwall's or Lake Superior Greenhouse are both good.


about 11 years ago

Possibly Gordy's Farm market?


about 11 years ago

Angela's Bella Flora has houseplants. It is at 138 West First Street. Peterson Anderson Flowers at 309 West Superior Street also has houseplants. They're both flower shops, though, and I don't know how their prices compare to other places.


about 11 years ago

If you're looking for a little project on the cheap, I have four spider plants that have been rooting in water on the windowsill since January, haven't found the time to pot them. I'd be willing to give a couple to you for free.


about 11 years ago

Having been affiliated with two different universities since I moved to town, I've not been wanting for houseplants. The greenhouses at UWS and UMD give away plants from time to time (by setting them out in the hallway with a "take one" sign). You likely don't wander by the greenhouses in your every day work life. So here are the two webpages (with contact phone numbers). Both women who run the greenhouses are super nice and have been very generous with me in the past.

UWS Greenhouse
UMD Greenhouse


about 11 years ago

Totally agree with kerc. No reason to buy many indoor plants; just track down someone who already has one, and take a cutting. I'd also recommend a quick internet search of starting plants from common fruits & veggies - I've got happy houseplants that started as orange seeds and avocado pits.

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