Missing playing on NorShor main stage

Summer is going. Should get new roof on. I got 20 dollars. Tis only theater left from the old days. Talking about the NorShor. Hey I’d volunteer. It’s a great roof up there. Always thought about winning the lottery and buying the Shor and putting a Penthouse on the top with roof gardens and have Neil Young play downstairs and party upstairs later. Best stage in town. But you can’t change it. Is what it is. Leave it alone. Oh now I’m wondering. Just put it back as it is. It’s the only one left. Shoud get a roof on. I got 20 dollars.


frank nichols

about 13 years ago

Don't change the stage. If you can't fit figure out how to fit. It's a classic. Some famous people stood on that stage. It is our stage. It is Duluth's theater from the old days. Just clean it. It's a cement floor. We painted it once.Took down screen. And we reupholstered seats and then the NorShor Painting Hooligans came in and painted the ladies. Curt Bellows, Tim Gauslin, Alton Anderson. 40-foot sets. If it opens up again, we still all get to play there. Country. Ballet. All of us.

Frank Nichols

about 13 years ago

Sorry, I don't know if it's leaking. I'm not trying to put any pressure. It's an old building, but it is the only one left  and I know we have bigger problems. Just this thing went through my mind tonight.

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

The NorShor is presently closed, but Frank Nichols has still found a way to be on stage. 

"If you can't fit figure out how to fit."



about 13 years ago

DEDA meeting is tomorrow at 5:15PM in City Hall, room 303.

Heidi St. Louis

about 13 years ago

That's the best idea anyone's had for the NorShor since 1960! C'mon Duluth! Let us know when the Neil Young tickets go on sale.


about 13 years ago

Step One: needs to be in private hands


about 13 years ago

carla: been there. done that. that's part of the problem. the fella that owned it before was too much of a preservationist to keep the building up to code.

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