Banner questions

Three questions about banner photos:

1) This may have been covered before, but do those come up randomly or in some sequence?

2) How can there be no comments on any of the banners on the Flickr site? It’s odd to me that photographers haven’t typed in more info on what’s going on in the picture.

3) Why is the little girl in the cat make-up so sad?



about 13 years ago

From all my experiences making banners it would take the PDD staff many months to get them up on Flickr after I posted them to the blog so by the time they got on Flickr I had forgotten about them and never bothered to comment.  That being said I have absolutely no problem with how long it takes PDD staff to put them up on Flickr, but that's why I've never commented on my banners.


about 13 years ago

The girl in the cat makeup is my daughter. Our family drove up the shore to go hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail. When we got out of the car, I was surprised to see she had drawn a nose and whiskers on herself with a marker.

She is sad because for a moment, my other daughter, the one smiling in the photo, had taken the lead on the trail. My younger daughter said something like, "I s'pose to be in front!" Then she stood there looking sad to prove how sad it made her not to be in front. My son, meanwhile, was standing there, patiently waiting for the girls to start moving again. What I usually do in these situations is take a picture.

I never thought about the Flickr question. Maybe I'll look into that; I have a couple banners that show up.

Barrett Chase

about 13 years ago

In answer to your first question, I believe the banners come up completely at random.


about 13 years ago

Three questions, three answers. Unprecedented! Thanks.


about 13 years ago

Random? It is destiny!


about 13 years ago

I knew I had arrived in this world when I finally had a banner published on PDD.  

I would like to see more stories, too.  Maybe I'll go comment on the ones I have there. Maybe other people will go through and do the same.  I have often wondered about various banners.   Do you need a Flickr account or something to do that?

While I'm at it, what's a good way for someone with limited technical knowledge to crop and/or otherwise doctor images for banners?  I'm talking very limited, here.  I mess around but it takes me a long time to figure things out.  We have Photoshop Elements which Mrs. Goose got for a class, and I have Picasa, too.  I mainly use Picasa because I can send my cellcam snapshots there easily and because I'm planning on being proficient by the time that Google (hopefully) brings fiber to Duluth-Superior and all of the "killer" apps they say are coming with it.

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

I love Picasa, but it's really frustrating that it won't display the dimensions of a crop box so a banner, or anything else, can be cropped to an exact specification (other than standard general shapes like "4x6: small print").

I created a banner template in Photoshop ImageReady, but I really wish I could do banners in Picasa, because Picasa makes everything else so easy.


about 13 years ago

For anyone in need:

Probably the best FREE (full version) and most comprehensive image editing software I've come across is Irfanview

Click the What is Irfanview link on the homepage to see a list of it's many features and compatibilities.

Small download size and it's very easy to use as well.
There's also a forum for Q & A.

The worst part is, it's not Mac compatible. *cries*


about 13 years ago

GIMP is another free option. Interface is a little busy, but resizing by pixel dimensions is easy:  Image>CanvasSize.  Works on Mac, PC, Linux, Tandy Color Computer II.


about 13 years ago

Can I run it on my TRS80?


about 13 years ago

Heck yeah zra, TRS80 really is the way to go.  Lashed to an external frame backpack, quite portable too.  I use mine at the beach.


about 13 years ago

I love the PDD banners.

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