January 2011 Posts

Laura MacArthur Elementary School A/V Cadets, 1979 to 1984

1979SeanBigler 1980BrownBunkersElsmore 1881RousJakubekGannucciDoherty 1982Hennes 1983PuglisiNetzel 1984VaydichPfisterMahle

Do the kids pose with Blu-ray players these days?

For those of you without a roster: Sean Bigler (1979); Tony Brown, Tom Bunkers and Steve Elsmore (1980); Scott Rous, Dominic Jakubek, Jim Gannucci and Patric Doherty (1981); Richie Hennes (1982); Patti Puglisi and Amber Netzel (1983); Chris Vaydich, Matt Pfister and Jason Mahle (1984).

Should we be proud?

This was on Northland’s NewsCenter a few days ago: 

Duluth is now listed as one of the five safest cities in the nation for homeless pets.

A friend of mine says that her neighbor always has dozens of cats that she feeds on her porch. I had a neighbor growing up that was the same way.

Ventura vs. DHS & TSA

Jesse Ventura is suing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration for violating his rights.

The former governor was patted down by a TSA agent in November and he says his “basic rights to privacy and dignity, and his right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures” were violated.

Read the whole complaint.

Carolyn Olson Exhibit @ Lizzard’s

Opening Reception
Thursday, Jan. 27, 6-8 pm
Lizzard’s Gallery, 11 W. Superior St., Duluth
Exhibit runs through Feb. 28.

Minnesota Cold: Shooting a Super Soaker

Nathan Ziegler, principal at Hope Academy in Minneapolis, shares his fun cold experiments.

Randy Lee Big Time Jazz Orchestra at Clyde Iron

This is powerful  Latin music from Chick Corea, the Stan Kenton Band, and others, displaying influences from samba, bossa nova, Afro-Cuban and more. Hear Kenton’s  “Malaguena” (ala bullfighters), throw in a funk tune and a few mellow  songs and you’ve got a great program. This full concert will raise money for Community Action Duluth’s Circles of Support to build connections and relationships across race and class lines in Duluth.

Thursday, Feb. 3. 7:30 pm at Clyde Iron, 2920 W Michigan St.

Tickets are available at the door, $5 for students and seniors and $8 for everyone else. See you there.

NorShor Needs & Assessment

The Playhouse and Westlake Reed Leskosky architects are holding needs and assessment surveys on the NorShor Theatre this week. Here’s your chance to chime in.

“If you are interested in having a voice, which we highly encourage you to do, please take some time to fill out this survey. Time is of the essence on this front as Westlake Reed Leskosky will be returning next week to conduct meetings with interested groups. The survey is available here: NorShor Programming Questionnaire.

To schedule a meeting time with the architechts to discuss and voice your opinions please send an email to [email protected] with your availability. We will be scheduling times between 8am and 6pm on January 25th and 26th.”

Caption This

Where in Duluth?

Let’s Discuss Social Security

Someone recently wondered why there had not been a PDD post regarding Social Security being “bankrupt.” Here goes:

Social Security currently has a 2.5 trillion dollar surplus. This is partly due to Ronald Reagan raising SS taxes on working people. Then he started to raid the fund to make it look like he could cut taxes on the rich and corporations, bloat the military, and still “balance” the budget. Well, he still wound up turning a surplus into a massive deficit, but I digress.

UMD professor in Antartica

UMD Geological Sciences Professor John Goodge traveled to Antarctica to collect and analyze rocks to build a better picture of the continent hidden beneath the polar ice cap.

Check out the New York Times slide show Rocks, Ice and Science in Antarctica and the Scientist at Work blog to get your geek on.

Charred Layer of Mystery Sediment

Last summer I was digging post holes in my yard near 47th Avenue East and Superior Street and was finding, about a foot down, a two-inch band of mysterious ashen charcoal material everywhere I dug.

I doubt many geologists are trolling on PDD, but I wondered if this could’ve been from the great fire of 1918, or if anyone else has discovered a similar oddity? It must take longer than 90 years to accrue over twelve inches of clay.

There was a documentary on the fire recently which mentioned the local neighborhoods affected, mostly to the west. Prehistoric shoreline fire? Site of ancient burning ritual? I guess it would be interesting to know if anyone has evidence of the fire near their dwelling anyway.

Rank Duluth

After a great showing in the still ongoing Google fiber campaign Duluth has another chance to “Cheer” for ourselves in the “We Hear You America” contest from Reader’s Digest.

We Hear You America - Reader's Digest

I guess the contest has been running for a few months, but I’m not much of a Reader’s Digest Reader so I just found out about it yesterday. I “cheered” and I encourage other PDDers to play along. Yeah, I’d love for us to get the $5 million bucks or whatever it is, but I also like the idea of people mobilizing to be positive about our town. It has been fun to do with Google Fiber and this should be no different.

Valentine’s Day Party and Silent Auction

Twin Ports Action Coalition is hosting a Valentines Party and Silent Auction on Feb. 11. It will be held from 7pm to 12am. This event will be held at the Venue at Mohaupt Block – 2024 W. Superior St. There will be a DJ, a cash bar, and door prizes. Tickets are $7 for singles and $12 for couples. Twin Ports Action Coalition works on issues of homelessness and poverty. We are working with the 10 year plan, the Affordable Housing Coalition and many other committees. For more info call Scott at 218-260-5390.

Rubber Chicken Theater Presents “Smudge” by Rachel Axler

Come see “Smudge” at the Duluth Playground at 7:30pm, January 27-29

Read the review from Oeuvre arts magazine here.