R.I.P. James Bothwell, 1986 Principal, Morgan Park School

James W. Bothwell died on Jan. 13. He had a long career as a teacher and principal in St. Paul, but in 1986 he had a stint in Duluth as Morgan Park Junior High School’s interim principal, following the mid-school-year retirement of longtime principal Milan S. Karich and preceding the launch of Jon Vomachka’s reign.

I was in seventh grade and not much of an outlaw during Bothwell’s brief term, so I don’t have any good stories to relate, but I remember him seeming to be quite a nice guy. Does anyone have more specific memories to share?



about 13 years ago

He had a cabin w/ his family next door to my wife's family property on the shore.  Hell of a nice guy.  Will be missed.


about 13 years ago

I was in that 7th grade class as well. It was during that year I had the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to travel to the Soviet Union along with the first Duluth delegation in August 1986.  In the application process I sought advice and support of several people, including Mr. Bothwell. His words were kind and supportive. In only a few sentences he built my confidence in moving forward.

This summer is the 25th anniversary of that trip. It was a huge success and has left a trail of collaboration all over both of our cities and countries.

Thank you Mr. Bothwell for your encouragement. I will forever remember that day. A child needs that support to begin somewhere.

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