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Time in Duluth still calls me back every year

After spending almost 18 years living in Duluth, it still calls me back every year. I’ve lived a lot of places in my life and no one place is quite the same. Some places just feel more like home than any other; Duluth is the one for me. So many memories, so many still very good friends. Hope to move back someday, but for now I’m experiencing the rest of life. I’m currently living in Denver, Colo., but there just isn’t the same feeling, the same vibe and the same immersion I felt when I lived in Duluth.

Zumba at Grandma’s Sports Garden

Eman will be having a Zumba party at Grandma’s Sports Garden on Monday, Jan. 24, and every Wednesday in February. Come join the Zumba party with merengue, salsa, hip hop, belly dance. The event is only $10. Call Eman at 218-724-2691 for more details or visit emansbellydancing.com to sign-up.

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