Mike and Kurt’s Kiteboarding Session in Mahtomedi, Minnesota



about 13 years ago

Really cool ... but seriously, WTF is up with the music choice? C'mon, Creed!?! I get it, sure, kites take you in the air, higher. The soundtrack to this disappointed me, I just hoped that all of the world had dismissed this terrible, terrible band. If I didn't get my point across, I am very sad that this cool video had a crappy song backing it. -end rant-

Oh wait, Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" would have been amazingly kick ass for this video ... and way more appropriate.

Mike H

about 13 years ago

Agreed rykwon. Even Jesus hates Creed.


about 13 years ago

I was afraid to say something about the music. Awful tunes in anything 'ski porn' related is par, but hey do it on purpose to get you to focus on the sport  (that Kenny Loggins plug WAS pure genius though).  'Wicked Game' by Chris Isaak would've given it a strange twist too.

  Kite activities have given outdoor sports a whole new twist, but I wouldn't be going to Mahtow to do it if I had any druthers left. Can't wander blindfolded ten feet without running into moneybags, or someone calling the cops for violating stature 49747238.7978.  Is this the token five empty leftover acres they donated to the city?  I just can't imagine any open prairie within ten miles of there.  Which I guess brings us back to why D beats the TC by a Shmorgasload. Don't they have a club that offers classes at the University of Duluth?


about 13 years ago

I really enjoyed this vid and I never knew people could board like this. Looks like a lot of fun.

Seriously though, the music comments really kind of sh*t me to tears. When you people make your own videos, I'm sure you'll choose the 'perfect' music - but this is what they chose. If you don't like it, turn the volume off and queue up whatever else - and really, I thought both of the alternate suggestions given were kinda sucky/stupid. I mean Danger Zone & Wicked Game? Really? Yikes.

But, 'to each their own'.


about 13 years ago

Ruby, some people are deeply moved by music from the 80's, and can better imagine themselves the hero in their own kiteboarding video, my own suggestion would've been Take My Breath Away from the Top Gun Soundtrack, 'to each their own' indeed!


about 13 years ago

Sorry I contributed to the sh*tt*ng of tears, but Creed is unacceptable, anywhere and everywhere, and Kenny Loggins is the God of any/all soundtracks. These are facts.

"To each their own" yes, as long as Creed isn't involved.

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