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I was a little surprised by the lack of comments on the wealth of information I had provided about the judicial candidates in a previous post. I know a lot of people are complaining that there isn’t much information out there and they have no idea who to vote for. Does no one really care about this or was the lack of comments because I didn’t make names clearly visible and easy to click onto?

Did you know that this judge will actually sit at the bench in Two Harbors but that the people of Duluth could out vote what the people of the Two Harbors area want?  Does that make any difference to you?

Minnesota Sixth District Court Judge 11 candidates:
Russ Conrow
Timothy Costley
Michael J. Cuzzo
Juhl S. Halvorson
Tim Little
John Steven Lind [Did not return questions]
James Ross
Lawrence W. Ulanowski [Did not return questions]

County Attorney Candidates:
Melanie Ford incumbent
Mark Rubin



about 14 years ago

Candidates stating that they will attempt to be fair and unbiased and talking about their little league involvement doesn't exactly spark meaningful discussion. I think people would have commented more if there was something substantial in the post.

The Big E

about 14 years ago

I'd be interested to hear someone explain the apparent continuing popularity of Tim Little.


about 14 years ago

Big E:  I don't think there is necessarily a "popular" groundswell supporting Little. He is just johnny-on-the-spot to file by the deadline.


about 14 years ago

In my opinion, what one must look for in a judge, above all esle, is the ability to come at every case from a non-biased point of view from its inception, and the ability to sincerely communicate to the parties that they are not prejudiced as soon as they step into the courtroom.  

Frankly, all of these candidates have the experience necessary to become a district court judge, especially in the Wild West jurisdiction that is Lake and Cook Counties.  What very few of them have is the ability to honestly say that they are not working for, or at least not influenced by, some special interest.  

Among these candidates, the one who stands out as most qualified, least influenced (and capable of being influenced), most affable, and least glitzy, is Juhl Halvorson.  In contrast to some of the other candidates, he practices in areas of the law which require him to actually see the inside of a courtroom several times each month.  

In contrast to the other candidates, Juhl has not sought any endorsements.  Conrow has the Republican nod, Cuzzo is endorsed by certain Labor organizations, and most, if not all of the others have sought some sort of endorsement.  

Juhl helps people through some of the most difficult problems any of us could imagine facing.  He does not gouge his clients.  He does not work on a contingency fee basis.  As some of the other candidates do, he volunteers his time to worthy organizations.  Above all else, he is ethical to a fault.  In my opinion, few of the other candidates share the same focus on ethics.  

Make up your own mind, but please vote on August 10. This decision is pretty important, since in all likelihood this next judge that will sit on the bench for the next 20 or so years.


about 14 years ago

Meaningful info at twoharborsmn.com. 18 questions.

Lake County News Chronicle 2010 Primary Preview

The Big E

about 14 years ago

I've been surprised by the number of Tim Little yard signs, not to mention Jeff Anderson and Sharla Gardner's letters to the DNT.

Aurora Borealis

about 14 years ago

I'm a lawyer in these parts, and I've been practicing in and around Duluth for a long time now. Until he submitted his name for election, I had not even heard of Juhl Halverson. 

That being said, I don't doubt his ethics, which I think is critical to this election. 

I continue to be amazed that Tim Little is even in the running. His very recent history of engaging in highly unethical (and illegal?) activities in a very public forum seems pretty clear evidence of his inability to make just and fair decisions.

B. Lebowski

about 14 years ago

The original post highlighted something very important that I haven't seen anyone talk about, this judge will sit and hear cases in Lake and Cook Counties and the people appearing before him will be from Lake or Cook County but voters from St. Louis, Carlton, Lake, and Cook Counties will decide this election.  It seems important that the person who is elected as judge for this seat have some real ties to Lake and Cook County.  Only two of the candidates have any real ties to either; Russ Conrow and Tim Costley.  The fact that the other candidates have been to these courthouses over the course of their careers is no substitute for living and working with the people whose lives you will be affecting.  I'm just sayin.


about 14 years ago

Since I love the movie dearly, I cannot disagree with the previous post entirely.  It would be comforting to know, going into Court (especially against a non-resident party) knowing my judge went to elemtary school with my sister.  I also wonder, like B.Lebowski, why the entire judicial district votes on a bench position that serves only two of its four counties.  A question for another day, perhaps.  Regarding the relative connections of the candidates to the counties: First, why be so provincial about your judge, anyway?  I would argue that the residents and non-residents alike are far more likely to be treated fairly by a judge with no deep geographical ties to the area. Second, both Mr. Conrow and Mr. Costley are seasoned and effective practitioners.  Because of that, there will likely be many cases heard in their court involving parties with close ties to both.  Many of these cases will be removed to one of the judges in the Duluth courthouse.  Probably not enough to sway an undecided voter's decision either way, but something to think about.


about 14 years ago

I have had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Cuzzo and Mr. Conrow while they were out and about. They both seemed qualified to hold a judicial position. I guess Tim Little carries some baggage with him but I would think he is enough of a professional to check it at the office door. My big thing for electing a judge is they have a mind to incarcerate violent offenders. I am all for rehabilitation and therapy for people in prison but violent people must be removed from society and punished.


about 14 years ago

Those questions are behind a paywall, spy1.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

They weren't yesterday; it just hit the seven-day mark.

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