In Search of Duluth Volunteer Opportunities

I am looking for volunteer opportunities in and around Duluth. Tips for where to look for opportunities or actual opportunities themselves would be much appreciated.



about 14 years ago

If you enjoy downhill skiing and helping injured people, the Spirit Mountain Ski Patrol is a great volunteer opportunity.  I've been doing it for five years and really enjoy the people and the experience.  Information can be found here:


about 14 years ago

Thanks Gary. I think I need something that puts me slightly less at risk of gravely injuring others. Other thoughts?


about 14 years ago

I know of a volunteer opportunity with a local moms group. email me if you would like more info. ljt651 at gmail dot com


about 14 years ago

Here are a few resources that I used to use when trying to help people find places to volunteer:,

Also most of the festivals need volunteers - I usually volunteer for Grandmas marathon, the Inline skate marathon & a few other events.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Fuse Duluth has an e-mail newsletter that lists volunteer opportunities. A few from the recent list are:

Churches United in Ministry 
Help to get food stored in its Central Hillside location over to the West End food shelf. 

Bentleyville Tour of Lights 
Numerous opportunities obviously not needed until winter.
Camp Miller
Volunteer for a week as a nurse.
Let's Ride 
Volunteers are needed to get the horses ready before classes. 

Community Action Duluth -- Seeds of Success 
Lend a hand at tilling, fence construction, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting and processing. 
Pick a Day
Show up at the work site and help keep Duluth clean. Mulch flowers and shrub beds, weed flower gardens, pick up trash, etc.
Men as Peacemakers
Mentor a student through playing sports and games, eating lunch together, reading or helping with school work. 
Move to End Alzheimer's
Donate time, energy and passion forming Memory Walk Teams and/or sponsorships for the Duluth area walk.

If anyone needs more info or contact names and numbers for any of those, you can go through Fuse Duluth or just mention what you're curious about in the comments here and I can pull the data out for you.

Also, Friends of the Parks is always looking for people to work on trails. Contact Judy Gibbs at 391-0886.


about 14 years ago

I second

I use that a lot even though I don't like the most recent format change.


about 14 years ago


about 14 years ago

I'm looking for volunteers to come mow my lawn, do a full tear off and reshingle my roof, and dismantle my garage.

Michael Latsch

about 14 years ago

Seeds of Success, an urban gardening program of Community Action Duluth aiming to improve food security could use help. If you like to grow veggies or want to learn how, email [email protected]


about 14 years ago


about 14 years ago

The News Tribune has a "helping out" feature every Sunday in the Scrapbook section.

Helping out for July 11

Tom Maloney

about 14 years ago

CHUM drop in center and foodshelf.  Lots of older folks volunteer for this and a fresh, young back is often just the help they need.


about 14 years ago

United Way 2-1-1 partners with the United Way of Greater Duluth Volunteer Center. You can call 2-1-1 for information on volunteer opportunities.

United Way 2-1-1 serves the residents of Cook, Lake, Carlton and St. Louis Counties of Minnesota and Douglas County of Wisconsin.


about 14 years ago

Just FYI 2-1-1 only works from a land line.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Another place to look for volunteer opportunities is the Waterfront Area Volunteer Organization.

There is a big need for volunteers at the Treasure Adventure by International Explorations, coming up July 24 to Aug. 8 at the old LeFarge Cement terminal next to Bayfront Park.

They are looking for setup and tear-down crew, greeters, traffic directors, security, stage and tech crew members, actors, garbage picker uppers and so on. Click for details.


about 14 years ago

Chester Bowl is always looking for volunteers- summer and winter.  There is a summer rec program that needs chaperones (I believe you have to go through a background check), the free concert series Tuesday nights in the summer has volunteers that park cars and clean up afterward and the ski program in the winter has a number of volunteer opportunities.  Chester Bowl is a beautiful park and the summer rec program and ski program are both truly grassroots efforts that touch a lot of children's lives.


about 14 years ago

Safe Haven shelter for battered women and their children has lots of different opportunities - arrest follow up, reception, child care, crisis call/shelter advocacy, legal advocate, practical tasks, organize outings for women +/or kids. Call 728-6481.


about 14 years ago

UMD has a department specifically for volunteering opportunities. It's located in Bohannon Hall but I can't remember the office number. Maybe something like the Office of Student/Social Engagement?


about 14 years ago

Animal Allies!

eco eco

about 14 years ago

For me, it was Hawk Ridge, the zoo, and the library.


about 14 years ago

UMD's Office of Civic Engagement ( [thanks for the mention Jess] is headed my Michelle Hargrave, and works with community orgs to place volunteers. You could give them a call (726-8645).

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