Lack of Duluth Summit Cheeseburger Attempts

What is a Summit Cheeseburger you ask? Well, the mission of the Summit Cheeseburger Project is…

“To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.”

Granted most people are completely and totally unaware of the sport of Summit Cheeseburger-ing and perhaps that is why there is a lack of said activity in St. Louis and Douglas Counties so I will forgive you, good people of said counties. But, now that you are being educated on this activity I see no reason for easy targets like Ely, Bardon’s, Moose, Sugarloaf, Pike, and Sugar Camp Hill to be conquered with zest, vigor, and zeal!

Summit Cheeseburger Locations near Duluth

Summit Cheeseburger Locations near Duluth

Do you like to hike, bicycle, drive, or just generally get off your couch and go do something but are looking for an excuse? Then attaining a Summit Cheeseburger just may very well be for you!

1. Grab a cheeseburger and your camera

2. Visit the Summit Cheeseburger website and find a summit.

3. Hike (bike, drive, fly, whatever) to the summit.

4. Photograph yourself nomming down a cheeseburger.

5. Post it to the S.P. site.

6. Repeat!

I’ve tagged summits in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana but Minnesota, and particularly Duluth is full of virgin first ascents just waiting for some PDD’ers to start tagging. Bon Voyage, Happy Trails, and Bottom’s Up!



about 14 years ago

Wow, possibly one of the more odd endeavors ever attempted!  Any guidelines about the origin of the cheeseburger (i.e. from a "local" eatery vs. McDonalds)?


about 14 years ago

The most superb cheeseburger summits are those attempts that are conducive to grilling your own burgers at the summit.  However, if you peruse the site you'll notice that a whole range of cheeseburgers have been consumed, from gourmet burgers cooked up in fine restaurants, to a mediocre slab of McDonald's meat, to frozen gas station-procured Whitecastle, to a (god forbid) canned burger.  

The choice is yours, but let me be the first to say I'd be pretty stoked to see someone get an Anchor Burger to-go and head up Ely's Peak!  Or how about a Brewhouse Wild Rice Burger making a trip to "Moose Mountain" located near the Lester River?

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

If I had an Anchor Burger right now I would eat it immediately and refuse to climb anything for 24 hours.


about 14 years ago

Buy two Anchor Burgers.


about 14 years ago

The wild rice + Moose Mountain is very doable, I've done both, just not together. Perhaps later the summer.

Matt Standal

about 14 years ago

Hey, this would be a great story to do for a fun feature piece on the local TV news!  

I happen to be a TV reporter and like cheezburgers (and quirky stories).  You interested?

P.S. -- Maybe we could document the "quest" to spread this sport throughout the Northland?

Hit me up!

[email protected]


about 14 years ago

I'm thinking Mt. Trudee or Round between Beaver Bay and Tetegouche might be doable. I'd head up with a veggie burger (I'd be under pack on an extended trip under pack.)

Plan is to do the length of Isle Royale next Sept, but the remoteness of the island might make having a cheeseburger on its highest point improbable.


about 14 years ago

Veggie burgers are against the rules, there, Zra.


about 14 years ago

My husband and I are going to climb Moose Mountain today with our burgers.  After we saw this post last night, we figured we'd fill our Saturday with an adventure. :)  Thanks for the post, Samh!


about 14 years ago

Yeah! Kill more cows, grow more corn! What is wrong with you people?


about 14 years ago

Well, that's morbid. Next up! Corpse dismemberment on the banks of all of the world's major rivers.


about 14 years ago

I'm stoked that some of you are excited to get out and do some hiking.  Others of you who think my suggestion is morbid and comparable to corpse dismemberment may want to broaden their world view just a teeny, tiny, wee, little bit.

Rachel Skildum

about 14 years ago

I'm in!  Next time we head up the North Shore we will have a Carlton Peak cheeseburger extravaganza... maybe even a Trestle Burger!


about 14 years ago

I am looking to "bag" Palisade Head this weekend.


about 14 years ago

First Duluth Summit Cheeseburger ascent completed!

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