Lakewalk extension

Anybody who lives in Lakeside has presumably figured this out by now, but others may be interested to learn that construction on the latest phase of the Lakewalk extension–from 47th to the highway– appears to be rolling along.  It looks like the section nearest to 47th may take a little more preparation than the rest due to the slope, but the part farther east might be pretty close to ready for pavement. Based on the work the past couple summers, it doesn’t seem too farfetched to think they’ll be done before fall.


Fan of Ham

about 11 years ago

Yeah!!! This is great for Duluth.  Extra FYI, the lakewalk extension from 75th W. to the Bong Bridge will be taking place next summer!!  Soon we will have a Cross-city bike/walk/skate/blade trail in Duluth!


about 11 years ago

The Lakewalk Extension is indeed scheduled to be complete (to 60th Avenue East) this summer.  I live right behind this section and am happy to see it finally come to fruition.  And when you all walk on the section next June just west of the Super American station, along the open area that's one of the storm water holding tanks (known to us very locals as the "back forty" or the "poop tank"), I hope you appreciate all the blooming lupines that are the result of the past five years of me throwing lupine seeds all over the place!

See "seed bombing."


about 11 years ago

Hey everyone,

Lets seed bomb the entire route of the whole new extension and get it blooming with beautiful native plants and try to overthrow the invasive tansy. Let's plant Lupines, Coneflowers, Milkweed, etc.

Pam Troje

about 11 years ago

If you make the seed bombs for Minnesota, do you have to put the bombs in the refrigerator to mimic a cold period say about 4 weeks? Then do you let them dry out for a few days after that to make them hard? Do you throw them in the spring? Is the recipe 1 part compost,  1 part seeds, and 5 parts dry clay a little water then rolled out cut into squares and then then formed into little balls? They are then thrown and break down slowly in the rainy weather of spring? Any more suggestions? Thanks...Pam

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