Duluth Air Quality Survey

Did any of you get surveyed in the past couple weeks about air quality in our area?  I was wondering if anyone could confirm that this was legit.  I got a weird feeling about it and when asked for personal info I declined.  The survey seemed very weak on content and I was handed a very unprofessionally printed raffle ticket ($500 shopping spree or something like that) after answering a few questions.

This may not be really appropriate for PDD, but I didn’t know where else to ask.  Does anyone have any information regarding this survey?  The recent home break-ins mentioned in the DNT article “Duluth police: Watch neighbors’ homes,” seem well targeted and a door to door survey would be a great way to get a look inside peoples’ homes.

This is probably just paranoia (I recently had some stuff stolen from a car), but I thought it was worth asking.



about 14 years ago

This is probably from a business that recently moved to town. Their office is on Westgate in Proctor. They want to come to your house and show you how bad your air is, and then sell you a ridiculously expensive air purifier.

I've dealt with them before. The guy said he had to bring his asthma-laden kid, which sounded super fishy to me. At that point I got their information and called the police. The police said they'd been reported before for their shady business practices.

I think there was something on PDD about this previously. They definitely use borderline illegal tactics to sell their product.


about 14 years ago

I had that company in Proctor calling me. They wanted to come by my house and show me their product. I made sure we were not at home when they came by. It was weird.

jest me

about 14 years ago

They've run this show in Superior, too. Never really followed through to see if I would get their free lunch or their shopping spree or whatever it was they were promising.


about 14 years ago

Last year I had a couple kids say they were selling magazines for the troops. I went through their whole speech, had me for a subscription, but when I told them I wouldn't pay cash up front for it they got annoyed and left. Sounds like they had been pulling that scam around the area. 

Just another one to be on the look out for.


about 14 years ago

I've gotten calls saying I am eligible for lower interest rates on my credit cards. The caller said the company was Credit Card Services and that they worked with all my credit card companies. She started asking "to verify" my credit card limits.  She hung up when I said I was uncomfortable giving this out and was pressing for more information about the company

Bad Cat!

about 14 years ago

Yea, the credit card services thing is a complete scam (trying to sell you bonus service or some such). Just wait to get a human on the line and tell them to remove you from their lists.


about 14 years ago

I got a little more info about the "Air Quality Survey."  You were right about the expensive filter.  The thing that bothers me is that the approach you as "Minnesota Health Systems," when they are actually Health-More.  Minnesota Health Systems sounds like a government agency.  Pretty deceptive.


about 14 years ago

If the credit card people are using one of those auto-dialers (a machine calls you and asks you to call back), that's illegal in Minnesota. I've reported companies like that to the Minnesota Attorney General's office, and the AG has made the companies stop. Auto-dialers are illegal in MN unless you have a previous business relationship with the company.


about 13 years ago

The $500 drawing from Minnesota Health was legit.  My in-laws won it last Christmas.  No scam.  They are part of the BBB, too


about 13 years ago

I have looked into it a little more. The company does do surveys, which are posted in the Duluth News Tribune in the fall. The $500 shopping spree is quarterly and in some cases monthly. By doing the survey some people are qualified to receive a free gift. They ask to show you an air system in your home. I had them come over to see if I would get a gift. I ended up with two! My wife and I got a two-night getaway and a BBQ grill set. We did like the product, however, we couldn't afford it. Nothing I found was shady and we enjoyed the man that visited with us. The price of the machine wouldn't make this company shady. Also they are on the BBB. I am glad I looked into it.


about 11 years ago

They're back in the hillside again!

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