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Duluth Air Quality Survey

Did any of you get surveyed in the past couple weeks about air quality in our area?  I was wondering if anyone could confirm that this was legit.  I got a weird feeling about it and when asked for personal info I declined.  The survey seemed very weak on content and I was handed a very unprofessionally printed raffle ticket ($500 shopping spree or something like that) after answering a few questions.

This may not be really appropriate for PDD, but I didn’t know where else to ask.  Does anyone have any information regarding this survey?  The recent home break-ins mentioned in the DNT article “Duluth police: Watch neighbors’ homes,” seem well targeted and a door to door survey would be a great way to get a look inside peoples’ homes.

This is probably just paranoia (I recently had some stuff stolen from a car), but I thought it was worth asking.